Zimmer Illogical Buttons

Zimmer Illogical buttons floating around

Well, no “heads rolled” so far with the so-called “blockbuster” allegations Hoboken’s (not gonna call her “Mayor” anymore) Dawn Zimmer made against members of the Chris Christie administration.

And some publications have outlined what most people were thinking – that it “didn’t add up” for the most part.

Well, based on those sentiments – someone felt strong enough about it that they created a whimsical “Something’s Broken in Hoboken – Zimmer Illogical?” button featuring the mugs of Diary-Dawn, PA-Samson and LT-Guadagno. Was available online for a short time but “sold out.”

Will there ever be a (factual) “thrilling conclusion” to this embarrassing state and city debacle?

Somethings Broken in Hoboken Illogical Dawn Zimmer David Samson Kim Guadagno Button - Zimmer Illogical Buttons

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Monday, February 10, 2014 8:26 am

I want one! T-shirts would be good, too!

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