Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard improves everything about your desktop

For the past two decades – I’ve always used whatever the best “ergonomic” keyboard was available for my desktop computer. And the clear leader the whole time was Microsoft. And they’ve just hit yet another home run with the Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard line.

Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard review best ergonomic choice

Microsoft is a leader in productivity products

Above – is the Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard “ergonomic” version in action in my office.

A huge difference compared to the last workhorse I utilized (Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 7000 – Now discontinued and selling for over $300!) – which is still an amazing device. But it was 3x the size.

The new Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is a very unique, yet innovative product. Very small and thin, and a new kind of hybrid keys. Sort of the best mix between desktop and laptop keyboards. The action is much better than all laptops, but the speed at which you can type because of the low profile is better than any other desktop keyboard. Best of both worlds. And the fact that the numeric keypad is an entirely separate device – lets you customize the ideal location for it. (I typically put mine about 2″ behind the main keyboard.)

If you’re one of the “dying breed” of computer users that still enjoys the old fashioned desktop PC, I strongly recommend this product. It may take a little while adjusting yourself to the revised layout of the keys compared to your old keyboard – but you get progressively more efficient with it each day you use it.

I got the “keyboard only” version – as it was substantially less than the mouse combo pack. Plus, I happen to prefer Logitech mice more.

What sucks about trusting these ergonomic keyboards is that NO mainstream portable devices (laptop, netbook, tablet) take into consideration the safety of your hands, wrist and arms. Which is why more and more people are suffering from repetitive stress injuries. Oh well.

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A new keyboard is the least of concerns for me. What is troubling is the extravagant pricing by OPTONLINE for the average person who doesn’t use his computer for business purposes and is not concerned about speed. We use it on a limited basis (less than 2 hours a month) for bill paying, and occasional posting, pharmaceutical purposes etc. Their cost is $50 bucks a month. Even TimeWarner is now making an internet service for $19.95 a month but is not available in our area. A couple of us are seriously thinking of ridding ourselves of their service altogether and going to Starbucks or Panera for a cup of coffee where their Wi-Fi is FREE. Talk about “feeding the beast”; well this is another example.