Giants headed to Super Bowl!


In a gut-wrenching game filled with missed opportunities, the Giants have prevailed, defeating the Green Bay Packers in OT, and are headed to the Super Bowl!

The NFL season gets a two-week lease on life in the New York area!



The New York Giants are one win away from the Super Bowl!

Today will be freezing not only in the Hoboken area (high temp 27°) but also in Green Bay, where it’s expected to be 1° and in Foxboro, where it’s supposed to be 20° and very windy (chills below zero). Where are you watching the games?

Here’s the current betting line poll (as of Wednesday night at 10:30pm).



While we’re at it, let’s pick the Patriots/Chargers game too.


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[quote comment=”62735″]Anyone else going to the game on Sunday?

I’m heading out to Chicago with 3 friends on Saturday…

Driving to Green Bay on Sunday.

Lets go BLUE![/quote]

Luck you. Have any nails left? That was something else. I guess third kick’s a charm.

btw, you’re not related to Plaxico Burress are you? Manning nailed you in the chest a few times. Not bad. Did you spill any beer when you caught the ball?

Let’s see:

1987 – win over the Denver Broncos
1991 – win (barely) over the Buffalo Bills,
2001 – loss to the Baltimore Ravens
2008 – TBD vs New England Patriots


Congrats Giants great game, great finish.
Now to beat the Pats, you better hope for high winds, snow and freezing temps to stop Bradys passing.
Whats that? Arizona is 75 and sunny no wind?
O well
But really superb game see you in two weeks


SUPERBOWL here we come!!!!! I’m so excited!


I am happy for the Giants and their fans, except for the fucking cock gobbler who threw fireworks onto my wife’s car.

Thanks fuck nuggets. You are lucky I have no idea who you are.