Snow Hoboken Pride

WTF happened to people? “Snow Hoboken Pride”

In case you have trouble understanding the title – “Snow Hoboken Pride” is a play on words – meaning NO Hoboken Pride, and these ugly piles of SNOW all over town are proof. The latest two storms have presented an interesting challenge. What kind of city are we?

Snow Hoboken Pride messy sidewalks

Countless sidewalks and crosswalks are not cleared, causing deep puddles of slush and dirty water that people actually have to walk in the street to avoid.

Snow Hoboken Pride ugly sidewalks

Lazy, entitled or indifferent?

For one thing, every single property in town is owned by SOMEONE. What causes them not to want to clear them?

Business owners especially, should go out of their way to make the passages in front of their stores as clear as possible. Not only does it help prevent unnecessary injuries (to the elderly, or the idiotic who are deep into the cat photos on their phones), but it also makes your storefront more appealing to passerby.

But the main thing – is that it shows you have pride in your community, and the people that live there. Why the crosswalks are ignored is appalling.

Snow Hoboken Pride lazy property owners

And take a look at this odd arrangement of snow. Looks like someone carved a fjord! Who knows, maybe it’s the new government-mandated “snow canyon bike lane” or something like that.

Snow Hoboken Pride funny fjord bike lane

Get off your lazy butts, property owners – and clean the damn sidewalks!

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