Snow Emergency Robbery

Hoboken Snow Emergency Robbery – this has to stop!

So we had an “OK” snow storm the other day. Not drastic by any measures. However, so many residents received “coupons” from Dawn Zimmer and City Hall saying “you owe us LOTS of money because you own a motor vehicle and you parked on the God damn street! How dare you DRIVE!!!?”

Hoboken residents robbed because it snowed

Do we have too many “emergency routes” in Hoboken?

Hoboken Parking Regulations are DUMB and hurt local economyI know we have this fruity hospital where gobs of people are admitted simply because they blindly follow the Standard American Diet (SAD). But does that mean because people stupidly shove BREAD and SUGAR down their gullets, that excessive “emergency routes” need to be “enforced” by city thugs? WTF?

We didn’t have “emergency routes” in the 70’s when people were much more healthy!

If you are so fat, sick and debilitated that you need a giant ambulance to cart your blob off for medical care – perhaps YOU should deal with cars on the street. Oh, yeah, you can’t “walk” anymore because you’re such a blob. Holy crap.

Do you get my point yet? Innocent (and quite possibly in shape and fit) people are getting robbed indirectly by blubbos that shovel Doritos (instead of snow) down their gullets while sitting on memory foam pillows during the Super Bowl, and all of a sudden they “need” friggin medical treatment? You could have seen this coming a decade or more ago!

Anyway – see Hoboken “Snow Emergency Routes” after this photo. It’s kind of stupid actually.

The city FINES you money for not moving your car. Yet it remains there. And NO ONE CLEANED THE SNOW! WTF are you paying the penalty for? Because it’s a “message not to do it again?” Fuck that. If I’m going to pay these stupid tickets, the city should at least GIVE SOMETHING BACK IN RETURN.

Heck if you get convicted of “robbery” (like Hoboken has committed), you have to do something to make up for it. It’s either prison time, or you have some kind of “community service…” but in this case Hoboken GIVES NOTHING BACK.

Are you getting it yet?

Hoboken Robs residents and gives nothing back in return

Hoboken (idiotic) snow emergency routes. Zimmer’s street isn’t on it

  • Washington Street (Both sides) – from Observer Highway to 15th Street
  • Willow Avenue (West side) – from Observer Highway to 11th Street
  • 3rd Street (North side) – from Jackson Street to River Street
  • 4th Street (South side) – from River Street to Jackson Street
  • 5th Street (South side) – from Clinton Street to River Street
  • 9th Street (North side) – from Jackson Street to River Street
  • 13th Street (North side) – from Washington Street to Willow Avenue
  • 17th Street (Both sides) – from Willow Avenue to Jefferson Street

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I am a longtime resident of Hoboken and have never been as disgusted with this mayor then I am right now. Live on Garden Street and got one of these coupons at 2:57PM Tuesday–shortly after the storm stopped. As my mother would have said, “Shame on you!!!” Do you really expect anyone to clean off their cars of 8-10 inches of snow after such an emergency for street cleaning?? And it wasn’t for street cleaning it was for snow removal. If the rules have changed dear Mayor then you need to inform us of that. This was a despicable thing to do and no justification for it. I would have gladly moved my car if I knew it was a emergency and the signs were posted for such emergency however there was no way any kind of street cleaning would happen on Tuesday or the rest of the week. Other things were more important though–taking care of my 93 year old father during the storm, clearing the sidewalk and just trying to get into Manhattan for afternoon classes. What a low thing to do??