What did Zimmer do after Sandy?

Letter: Zimmer ROBBED residents after Hurricane Sandy

While recent chatter is about Sandy Funding – and Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer distracting alleging that Hoboken was “denied” in some way – one resident points out a VERY important, and OVERLOOKED possibility – that Zimmer is guilty of being an inept Mayor at best, and criminal at worst – essentially robbing residents while they struggled to recover.

Read the letter below…

Hoboken NJ Mayor Dawn Zimmer robbed residents during Sandy recovery - What did Zimmer do after Sandy?

Did Zimmer help or HAMPER residents during Sandy recovery?

“With the recent controversy between Zimmer and Christie, Zimmer didn’t act any better during Hurricane Sandy or help assist her own community in trouble.

She could have made tremendous effort locally without the assistance from the state or federal governments.

We had been devastated here in Hoboken. The town made money off the hurricane victims by charging victims and the victim’s contractors for street parking during the demolition and rehabilitation.

Its nearly impossible to bring in a trusted contractors before sandy who already knows there is limited parking. After Sandy, forget about it. There are no trusted contractors in town. Contractors had refused to work here or had given us no estimates since there is no parking in Hoboken. Some contractors don’t show up to the job. To get parking for contractors/ dumpsters spots/ concrete trucks spots, Hoboken charges around $45/day. That’s like $1200/month.

We received no money from FEMA, the State and from our flood insurance policy. We have over $100k in damages.

We met Zimmer in Hoboken Town Meetings personally and she stated rudely to us that the insurance company should be reimbursing us. But as we discuss this with our insurance companies, parking permits, myriad town construction permits, excess town requirements (Engineers/Architects assessments $350/each), delivery/shipping cost is not included in any insurance policy. Homeowners are stuck with $1200/month parking bill. That’s a lot of money!

The insurance companies expect there will be plenty of parking in front of your home as if we live in the suburbs to get construction materials brought to our homes. We are forced to pay $7000 a year for federal mandate flood insurance with $5000 deductible but we received nothing because insurance company is stating we are below grade.

ALSO, The town continues collecting full tax rate for the victims who is still not living in the homes in Hoboken. We lost our home and business. Life continues to move on and Sandy victims has been forgotten. We still live with no heat and hot water and we are still living in debris.”

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014 6:56 pm

A request went out from the state for muni applicants for a disaster loan that would cover the property taxes on those who lost homes. I guess Zimmer didn’t follow through.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 3:58 pm

I agree with this reader… we were told we would get a tax break as we were displaced from our homes for MONTHS.. They came and surveyed my home and said I would see the reduction in Q3… I HAVE NOT SEEN ANY REDUCTIONS

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 9:22 am

She would ticket and tow her own relatives. What would she do if money went away, and the only thing you could do is barter your skills?

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