Twitter Static in Hoboken

Twitter “progress” or “Twitter Static?”

Social Media Facebook Twitter addictive cocaine - Twitter Static in HobokenFrom afar, I’ve been watching the “progress” of the various “top” social media networks. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and everything in-between. Wondering what the net effect is on our society as a whole. My conclusion is: “Twitter static.”

One may argue that these new mediums have “upped the ante” in terms of human communication. But we feel the negatives outweigh the positives 100 to 1.

People and businesses both survived LONG before these “must have” social mediums existed, so how did they become perceived as so important?

No one challenges the need for social media

Twitter static and social media garbage killing my brain - Twitter Static in HobokenThis article from last week talking about the “battle between Facebook & Twitter for second screen dominance” during the Super Bowl struck a chord with me.

“Second Screen?” “Online Chatter?” I was thinking I guess the “big game” is not big enough to command the (short) attention span of our Idiocracy. They now ABSOLUTELY NEED to know what other people are opining about. “Big Plays,” commercials, halftime show.

Watching it with your own two eyes, or in the (physical) company of others doesn’t do it for you? Established networks and periodicals don’t entertain you enough? You need to digest random blurbs from other (digital) personalities? You NEED to know what some commentator, celebrity, or 11 year old has to say? Ad infinitum? Doesn’t that sound asinine?

When did all that chatter become a “must” in such “BJ’s Wholesale” style excess? Where does it end? Where does it go from here?

What I became dismayed about most – was that the “media” props up these social sewers as if they are the ONLY top dogs, and no one (other than people like me) actually contemplate and philosophize about our culture and where we are going with all this “technology.” The wheel is in motion, and it seems too big to stop at this point.

Then again, there are still millions of people, like some friends of mine who say “Email, texting and general internet information gathering is where it begins and ends for me. So glad I never jumped into the social media pool. Cannot imagine ever needing all that…”

Are anonymous Twitter accounts a sign of mental illness?

There are some wily people out there who get pleasure out of creating anonymous social media accounts (especially on Twitter). No real name attached, no profile, no website. Just a random account chatting about stupid garbage. They must feel powerful bashing other people behind the security of anonymity.

There is one account here in Hoboken (won’t mention the handle), but they have half a dozen followers, and they “watch” the activity of two dozen other people. Yet they’ve send out over 125 tweets in less than a week. What are they trying to accomplish? For who?

Here’s one message that we were “copied on:”

Stupid Hoboken Tweet - Twitter Static in Hoboken

And the accompanying photograph:

Owner picks up after dog in Hoboken NJ - Twitter Static in Hoboken

Wow, really? A dog owner picking up after his dog – AND YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT ABOUT IT?

Your kid does NOT play in the god damn bushes (probably on sofa with iPad). And it’s bad enough that several dog owners in town are lazy bastards and don’t pick up poop on the sidewalk, but this “complaint” is an example of a very GOOD dog owner. Picking up poop even though it’s in a place no one will ever walk (except the landscaper once a year.)

This is the bad thing about these anonymous networks. Heck, maybe I should stop now, probably only instigating the matter, but you get the point. Who would sign up to chatter with zero connection to themselves as persons? What were they doing with their time before social media?

Again – I highly recommend the book Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman!

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The new hashtag language is an insult to the human race. Some kids now have entire conversations without actually composing a real English sentence.


like dogs and dog owners. unlike entitled parents. #shepickeditup #besidesalittledogpoopwonthurtyourkidifitsomehowgetsonhimorher #buildingimmunitiesisagoodthing #somedogsdontlikedogrunsmoron


Why does Hoboken411 use Twitter and Facebook if they are evil distractions?


The world is burning but every is too busy tapping away to notice.