Zimmer Express

Zimmer Express – New Hoboken Bus!

Here’s another entry in the Hoboken Cartoons category today.

This cartoon was the idea of local Hoboken resident David Liebler – with artwork by Martin Kozlowski.

This kind of sums up the whole Zimmer / Christie scandal in a nutshell. Enjoy!

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Zimmer Express Hoboken Special Bus Chris Christie

About Hoboken Cartoons
Hoboken Cartoons is a feature on Hoboken411.com which displays various artistic, creative and comedic renderings which reflect life in the Mile Square city.

Ranging in nature from political satire, to random Hoboken connections – the Hoboken Cartoon category will be home for “all of the above.”

While there have been other categories dedicated to various stints of local cartoonists (such as Hobroken, Hobotown and others), we feel this new “general” category will be a good fit for local aspiring artists and creators.

Want your cartoon featured? Simply email Hoboken411@gmail.com with your work and any related information, back-story, inspiration, technical details and credits!

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