Free Rabies Vaccination Clinic


And dog license renewal too! At the Multi-service center on January 26th from 11am-2pm. Reminder will be on the event calendar in case you forget.

Hoboken Free Rabies Vaccination Clinic Jan 26 2008

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Here’s a good book to check out.

kooky kat

Chip, it’s just for rabies and the license. The first time I went to this clinic probably 8 years ago, I really thought it was “free.” I didn’t have any money with me and the guy from Hoboken Health Department was kind enough to pay for me, without asking me to return the money! It was crazy (since I had been waiting in line at that point for quite some time, an hour + in the COLD and snow) he said to forget about it. It’s a nice thing that the city does here, you get your dog licensed and their rabies shot all at once. I suggest getting there early, I mean like 10:30 early if you don’t want to wait forever.

Tama, are you talking about just rabies? I have mine vaccinated for other things yearly, rabies only every 3 years. Most important (IMO) is the bortadella (kennel cough) shot is the most important shot to make sure you dog has! That shit is nasty, and in a city with so many dogs…it can get spread around so easily.

Tama Murden

Re 2., This clinic is for rabies only, along w/licensing.

Rabies shots last for 3 yrs.

As for the yearly innoculations for your trio (& I know I posted this previously, on another thread)…..

Your vet prob. won’t tell you this, b/c it’s the bread & butter, but here’s my understanding of the treatment protocol at all US Vet. schools: After your pup has its first series of shots & one-year booster, the dog is deemed to have lifetime immunity.
Research now indicates that over-innoculation leads to later health problems. Cushing’s Disease, for ex.


is this just for rabies?

as some of you know, i have three little monsters and their annual shots cost me over 600 bucks.

it does appear as if it’s just for rabies but wanted to double check… aren’t these shots standard anyways when you get a dog?


So you can’t get a dog license if your dogs rabies vacc expires during the year…but you can’t get the vaccination if you don’t have a ’08 license.

Damn…that does read like something from City Hall.