Schnackenberg’s Doughnuts

Schnackenberg’s Doughnuts – A Hoboken destination?

The other day, I was (cruelly) invited to try a “small bite” of the fresh baked doughnuts that the newly renovated Schnackenberg’s (1110 Washington St.) sells. Not sure if it was a curse or a blessing – but Schnackenberg’s doughnuts are hands-down the best in the world!

Schnackenbergs doughnuts Hoboken NJ Best doughnuts in the world

Fresh made doughnuts at Schnackeberg’s – a Hoboken exclusive

Owner Eugene Flinn, after investing nearly $750k to practically gut-renovate the long-standing luncheonette, determined that Hoboken does not have one single place for freshly made, all natural, deep-fried “doughnuts,” and decided at the last minute to add them to the menu.

And boy, did he make a good decision. Fairly priced at $1 apiece ($1.50 for “filled”), or $10 per dozen – these robust delicacies will blow your mind. Sort of like “boardwalk doughnuts,” they might even bring back positive memories from your childhood (if you’re old enough to remember what good food tasted like).

Schnackenbergs Hoboken NJ One of the only worthwhile sins

Maybe a pastry chef from Jean-Georges helps?

In the basement of the re-vamped eatery, you’ll find where all the magic happens. And not by accident. Flinn hired an experienced pastry chef from the world-renowned Jean-Georges in NYC to man the helm of the pastry offerings. Nothing to shake your head at!

It was my first chance to see a brand new doughnut-fryer, which is capable of making 24 doughnuts every 10 minutes. Flinn indicated that while he’s selling between 10-20 dozen doughnuts a day, he has the capacity to belt out nearly 1,000 doughnuts daily if the demand warrants it.

Additionally, they have a “puffing” contraption, that takes ordinarily “dense” doughnut shapes, and “inflates” them, giving them a more pillow like texture, which then they fill with either delicately sweetened cream or jelly.

Schnackenbergs Hoboken NJ Old School Simplicity

Schnackenberg’s Doughnuts should be a destination – not Cake Boss

Sy Syms said “An educated consumer is our best customer,” and if the general public WOKE UP – they’d abandon the moronic lines over at the Cake Boss downtown, and gobble these up by the metric ton.

It’s a shame that genuine GOOD products often are overlooked in favor the inexplicably popular trends.

Perhaps the Hoboken Food Tour can add these wonders to their stops. Because it has to be tasted to be believed.

Be very careful, though. These are powerful. You cannot “un-taste” them and they will very likely remain on the mind days, if not weeks after enjoying them.

Schnackenbergs Hoboken NJ surprise your friends be a hero

Longevity test: Schnackenberg’s Doughnuts pass the test

Lastly – we had a few of these, and wanted to see how good the shelf life was, and the best methods for “bringing them back to life,” as if they were freshly baked.

One, reheating them in a 250 degree oven for 10 minutes made them brand new again. And they even passed the microwave test, maintaining the same consistency without getting spongy or rubbery.

We gather that you can even freeze them if need be (at least the ones that aren’t filled) and enjoy them months later.

Schnackenberg’s Doughnuts – 100% recommended, and you haven’t visited Hoboken until you’ve tried these wonders of the culinary world.

Schnackenbergs Hoboken NJ True to the original

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We had coffee and donuts this morning. Amazing! We’ll definitely be back for more.


Yeah the council person who supports local businesses (Mason) was giving away freebies to commuters this morning. Good to get the word out. I heard they will be open for dinner starting this week too. Comfort food menu.[quote comment=”222563″]We had coffee and donuts this morning. Amazing! We’ll definitely be back for more.[/quote]