Crosswalk Warning Lights

Would Hoboken benefit from Crosswalk Warning Lights?

With pedestrian vs. car incidents seemingly on the rise, several Hoboken residents we’ve spoken with feel that the city could really use additional safety measures such as these Crosswalk Warning Lights (from companies such as Traffic Safety Corp.)

Where do you stand on the idea?

Would crosswalk warning lights work in Hoboken NJ

Who besides yourself is responsible for your safety?

Before we talk about Crosswalk Warning Lights – I’ll preface this with our belief that “personal safety” is ultimately YOUR responsibility, and that if you had an ounce or more of common sense, you’ll never find yourself in a dangerous situation.

I’ve seen these pedestrian crosswalk warning systems in other municipalities (like down in Princeton). I suppose the concept by itself isn’t a particularly bad idea. A person presses the button prior to crossing the street, and these “blinking lights” illuminate, further giving visibility to the crosswalk to oncoming drivers.

If they were free (now in perpetuity) – I’d say bring ’em on – why not?

But they present their own list of challenges, because:

  • They cost money. Up front, and for the life of them (maintenance, repair). This will further inhibit local “governments” from finding ways to reduce the quarterly burden to the property taxpayers.
  • They create false sense of security. Crossing the street is already riddled with problems (especially if you’re a driver). Because as “entitled” as pedestrians are already (“I’ll walk and you WILL stop, sir!”), imagine how brazen they would get if blinking lights were “making them feel safe?” It might just lead to more incidents, not less.
  • They can be distracting. Shouldn’t drivers focus on the roads? Just like highways with dozens of billboards, another blinking light distraction has the potential to divert attention elsewhere.

The last thing we need is to “rely” on the “governments” to keep us safe. If local residents wanted fund these for their own street corner, sure. But forcing them on others without consent doesn’t seem fair. And it creates a society where people cannot (or no longer want to) help themselves.

What next? Everyone should wear government supplied bullet-proof bubble wrap to protect themselves from the big, bad world?

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