Norton makes Super Bowl XLVIII prediction

Hoboken Dog Norton calls Super Bowl XLVIII

Some say the groundhog determines how much winter is left – others say Hoboken pooch Norton (FKA “Paulie”) can call who will win the Super Bowl.

Down at the Hoboken Huddle – with the changing colors in the roman numerals, it was apparent that Seattle’s colors were making the poor dog “nervous and antsy.” He was calm and at ease when Denver’s colors appeared. Then, in an almost miraculous event – he “marked” the wooden display “42-24.”

So there you have it. Norton says Denver will win in a blowout 42-24 (he later added that two Seattle TD’s would come in the 4th Quarter as the game was already in the bag.)

Who knows. We’ll inevitably see the final score on Drudge at some point.

Hoboken dog norton predicts Super Bowl XLVIII score Denver wins 42 to 24 over Seattle - Norton makes Super Bowl XLVIII prediction

(This post was for amusement only. No guarantees expressed or implied. Your wagers are at your own risk.)

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