Super Bowl Sunday Plans?

Super Bowl Sunday Plans – Does it really matter?

Who needs super bowl sunday plans in hoboken NJ - Super Bowl Sunday Plans?Almost everyone is talking about “Super Bowl Sunday Plans.”

Where are you watching the game? Do you have tickets? Etc.?

Who said you need to have any plans in advance?

Or have anything to do with the Super Bowl at all?

I’ll treat this coming Sunday the way Napolean Dynamite would:

What NOT to do on Super Bowl Sunday

Like I mentioned above – we’ll do whatever comes to mind on Sunday. However, there are some things that probably should be avoided.

  1. Drive. Watch the roads. Driving pretty much any time around or after game time is not recommended. A lot of drunk drivers out there. Combine that with smartphone obsession and texting – and you have a recipe for disaster. Extra caution should be taken if you’re a pedestrian as well. Don’t assume people are paying attention to you. Stop signs and red lights mean very little to an inebriated driver. And driving in this area throughout the day is expected to be jammed as well – so keep that in mind.
  2. Order delivery. (If you have no patience). Even with extra drivers, delivery time for food on Super Bowl Sunday is disastrous. Many people will wait hours for their food. Plan ahead and either prepare a nice meal ahead of time – or stock up at the supermarket now and have a nice fresh home-cooked dinner together with family and friends.
  3. Taunt a drunk fan of the losing team. Even if you do watch the game – it’s probably not good “sportsmanship” to laugh at a big fan of the team that comes out on the short end. You might be short a few teeth if you choose to do that.

Regardless – enjoy your weekend no matter what you do!

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Friday, January 31, 2014 11:12 am

We’re visiting friends we haven’t seen in a while up north this weekend. Leaving after work tonight. They don’t have a television set. I doubt we will miss much.

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