Big Belly Security for Hoboken Huddle

Big Belly solar robotic trash bins – security threat for Hoboken Huddle?

I love these Big Belly Solar Robotic Trash cans that are peppered (all over) the downtown waterfront. Not literally, but they provide such fun material.

For one, I feel the city got “shafted” by the “green speak” of future savings, “eco this and that,” and more. In the end, we feel they’re just exorbitantly priced garbage cans for a task so simple the lowest-paid city employee can handle it. Now it’s all “connected” to the interwebs, and along with it – an indefinite expense, maintenance, and future upkeep – that if you had half a brain, you’d see that you fell for the bait hook, line and sinker. Why? For a nifty press release about a “trending” subject that no one challenges? Whatever…

We also had to bring Chris Christie into the fold (no pun intended).

But now, these countless garbage cans may pose a “security threat” to the Hoboken Huddle (ride the Super Bowl coattails) event down at Pier A Park. Apparently, the FBI or Homeland Security deemed these things as a potential hazard. There was talk that they might even have to be removed temporarily.

I found it funny how they “locked them down,” with plastic caution tape. That’ll surely stop someone determined to “terrorize” the insatiable mobs of frost-bite lovers without a doubt.

Big Belly Security Hoboken NJ Huddle Pier A Park Super Bowl - Big Belly Security for Hoboken Huddle

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Thursday, January 30, 2014 6:03 pm

I went down after work to check out the pier, and I tried throwing my banana peel out, and these were fully LOCKED. What is the point of having so many garbage cans on the pier if NO ONE can use them? #fuckingstupid.

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