Maxwell’s Tavern – Doomed

Maxwell’s Tavern Closing again in Hoboken

Well, it seems that live music and trendy food wasn’t enough to keep the cash flow positive for Maxwell’s Tavern in Hoboken.

They’re closing shop again next weekend. Last show is February 10th, with a bunch of unknown musicians. I guess this good-bye party won’t be as sentimental as the last one. Who knows, maybe goodbye parties will start trending, too.

Part of me blames the internet for their demise. With so much of everything these days – not too much gains momentum anymore. That, and of course rising rents and other overhead. They probably had too many partners as well.

But in the end – maybe it was something as simple as “the place had no true soul.”

Maxwells Hoboken Closing Doomed Feb 2018

Maxwell’s Tavern in Hoboken – will you try it out?

Summer 2014:

Opening this week is the “revamped” Maxwell’s Tavern at 11th & Washington.

Traditionalists we know will not visit the new location, mainly because of the sacrilegious name-glomming, the lack of “cool bands,” and the potential it has to become a stroller mecca.

While others, who also loved the old Maxwell’s, will give it a shot – primarily because the former owners of Maxwell’s didn’t really keep the place up. Was essentially a “dive” for all intents and purposes.

We’ll see how they fare. If they provide quality food, fair prices and a comfortable environment (along with a NON-snobby staff – very important), they’ll do just fine!

(One thing we did notice was the signs on the exterior were a smidge obnoxious, large…)

Maxwell's Tavern Hoboken NJ opening soon

Maxwell’s Tavern hiring in Hoboken, NJ

4/23/2014 Update:

You need a job in Hoboken? Well, did you know that Maxwell’s Tavern over at 11th & Washington is hiring?

They’re looking to fill positions (some easy, some not too glamorous), such as Cooks, dishwashers, servers, busboys, bartenders and hostesses.

Simply email for consideration.

maxwells hiring Hoboken NJ

New Menu at Maxwell’s Tavern {sneak peek}

And those of you who are wondering what the “new” Maxwell’s Tavern will be serving? Well – it’s not much different than other “pub food” places… here’s just a sneak peek of what they’ll be serving up. Appetizers, salads, pizza, etc. Additional items not shown here include (you guessed it) sandwiches, burgers, and other entrees like Chicken, veal, shrimp, etc. Fairly standard fare that’s for sure.

Most prices are still TBD…

Maxwells Hoboken new menu sneak peek

Maxwell’s Tavern in Hoboken – a name gimmick?

3/10/2014 Update:

Maxwell's Tavern oddities in Hoboken NJ Spring 2014Couple things. This new “family friendly artisanal pizza joint formerly known as gritty Maxwell’s” (Maxwell’s Tavern) had some signs up in the papered windows last week. Here are the general sentiments to those we spoke with:

“Coming this spring to a corner near you.” Umm, no. It’s coming this spring to those that live near 11th & Washington ONLY.

“Food. Beer. Legend.” No. There is no legend. It is gone.

And lastly, many wonder what the M.O. was for keeping the name. You’d think that “New Owners. New Menu. New Journey” would also encompass “NEW IDENTITY.” Instead, it’s my belief that the new owners felt the only way they could survive is by tapping whatever name-recognition power was still left. I suppose this is along the lines of “Ray’s Pizza” in NYC, when you couldn’t even tell them apart at one point, which destroyed their reputation.

Maybe we should open up a bar and call it “Mack’s Well Watering Hole” or something along those lines. But they’d probably sue.

Maxwell's Tavern Pizza Hoboken NJ

Maxwell’s Tavern restaurant – Hoboken, NJ – 1039 Washington St.

1/30/2014 Update:

Maxwell's Pizza for families in Hoboken NJ coming soonAfter all the fanfare about the “legendary” Maxwell’s closing at 11th & Washington – we have new owners taking over shortly. But instead of a completely new establishment, we’ll basically have a restaurant called Maxwell’s that “specializes” in “Artisanal Pizza.” Maxwell’s Tavern. Maxwell’s Pizza.

So the new owners Evan Dean & Pete Carr are re-configuring the pace as a “family restaurant” based on their informal “market research” of “noticing all those baby strollers on Washington Street.”

They feel that Hoboken needs a “comfortable place for families to eat” (as if all the other places are like sitting on rusty nails?) And while it’s not going to be a full-fledged pizzeria – they will specialize in “thin crust artisanal pizza.”

Ok – with that out of the way – we wish them good luck in their endeavors. We feel they’ll do good the first few months (just like almost anything new attracts the curiosity of area residents). However…

What would help Maxwell’s Pizza stand the test of time?

We feel that in order for them to survive:

  1. It has to be a good value for repeat customers. Many residents I spoke with will try it, and are happy the place will resume rather than remain empty. While others said “What artisanal means is it’ll cost $10 more for half the food. Don’t be fooled by fancy language. If it costs too much for so little, their sales will eventually die down enough for them to have to consider changes.”
  2. Strongly consider a “stroller-free zone.” No problem accepting screaming babies and hyper kids, unless you want to alienate those who don’t want to have dinner “in the family room.” They should at least have one “quiet zone” where strollers and kids are prohibited. Or vice versa.
  3. And if they can’t or won’t consider those options – I guess the only way to get people to come back is to add MSG to their food. Not illegal (just a little unethical if you don’t mention it). But that will guarantee people will “unknowingly” love it.

Will “Maxwell’s the Artisanal Pizza Stroller Parlor” be a smash hit?

Maxwell's Pizza Hoboken NJ

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Thursday, April 24, 2014 7:39 am

Short of a new realty office, I’m not sure they could have devised a more useless business model than “new generic pizza shop.” At best, it’s fare that isn’t already available exactly at 11th & Washington, so this new place might save certain people from walking a block or two.

Still, if there were some larger war on creativity underway, this space going from Maxwell’s to bland, unoriginal pizza place would be a win for the other team.

Monday, March 10, 2014 5:39 pm

Doomed from the beginning. Why use an old name that represents nothing about the new business going forward. Failed marketing won’t even give this place hope of surviving.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 9:56 am

With any luck they’ll be just as classy and successful as that 10th circle of hell Johnny Pepperoni…At least it will keep the stroller mobs off the streets! RIP Maxwell’s…one of the last places in Hoboken with any true character.

Reply to  Hawk3y3
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 1:22 pm

Johnny Pepperoni is great! Wonderful entrees, good service and atmosphere. When we heard Maxwell’s would be a pizza spot, our first thought was maybe Johnny Pepperoni was moving to a larger space. We’d love to have them there! That said, we’re happy to see it stay a BYOB and the current spot is nice.

As far as Maxwell’s the classic red interior does lend itself to a pizza joint but there are already so many nearby. The Brick just opened half a block away, next to Napoli’s. I guess it’s a good location for families with all the strollers going by. But if that’s the target audience, count me out. I will be at Johnny’s with the adults. And I will sorely miss every aspect of the old Maxwell’s: the comfort food, good prices, and bar scene with entertainment.
[quote comment=”222561″]With any luck they’ll be just as classy and successful as that 10th circle of hell Johnny Pepperoni…At least it will keep the stroller mobs off the streets! RIP Maxwell’s…one of the last places in Hoboken with any true character.[/quote]

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 12:43 pm

Hoboken only has 38 other pizza restaurants.

Sunday, February 2, 2014 12:35 pm

Chuck E. Cheese’s-on-the-Hudson?

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