Hoboken Spotlight: Elysian Park Mike


Ever notice a city employee who stands above the rest?

Well Mike, one of the individuals responsible for maintaining Elysian Park is one of them. (Oh, and to the dog run folks, sorry I forgot to post the Xmas donation email last month!)

Mike is responsible for the park from Wednesday to Saturday, covering everything from the leaves, grass and even the dog park. I noticed him during the fall in particular, as he was very careful and methodical when operating the leave blowing apparatus. In other words, he gave a crap about what kind of job he was doing, and it was very admirable.


In the photo above, taken last weekend, he was tending to the dog run, evening out the rocks. “I love dogs,” he said “and this part of the park is always filling up with puddles of water when it rains.” I asked him about the rocks that were promised to be re-filled in the park weeks ago, and he didn’t know for sure, but recalled some kind of delivery notice of some sort.

He said he’d like to get a more regular shift at the park (like M-F) so he can spend more time coaching sports in Hoboken as well.

Hat’s off to Mike for the good job he does, and the dedication he has for his work.

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unless their last name is Stevens, I don’t give a rat’s ass[/quote]

Fabulous. I have to remember that the next time someone brags to me about where they were born.


There are plenty of good workers in each dept..A lot of people choose to judge all the city workers because of a few bad seeds..


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5. Your parents were born and raised, along with other generations of your family. This is the Queen Bee of everything Hoboken, and you don’t run into a lot of these kind of people, but they act like they just got internet access about 2 years ago, on average. They demand to be heard. Typically say, “My family was here since 1842, when we lived in the swamp filled streets of Madison. We didn’t have cars…we used to get around using canoes! And we loved Hoboken then, why did they have to add these crazy PAVED ROADS?!”


unless their last name is Stevens, I don’t give a rat’s ass


Mike is a great kid. Thanks for highlighting his good work, 411.


Well done Mike!! It’s wonderful to see someone doing their job with gusto! Give that man a raise.