USPS gopost – good for Hoboken?

Would Hoboken benefit from USPS gopost lockers?

We frequent the U.S. Post Offices in Hoboken frequently. And recently, I’ve seen these fliers for the “gopost” automated (robotic) stations that allow people to ship and receive their documents or packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

USPS gopost in Hoboken NJ would it work

Checking online – none of these kiosks are currently in Hoboken (or anywhere near – except in various locations in NYC).

However – as you know, the USPS just recently raised postage prices significantly (only if you mail a lot of letters each year), and it is generally known that the post office loses money for the U.S. Government annually. So they’re looking to cut costs with these robotic stations to eliminate the need for human attendants.

The question is – how successful would the “gopost” stations be in Hoboken? I mean we have one central post office, and three satellite offices. Could one, two or more of those locations be eliminated?

Personally, if “security” could be guaranteed, I think MANY residents would love to not be constricted by the horrible hours in order to ship and receive packages via the USPS.

Whether they ever come to Hoboken remains to be seen. See video below of what the USPS gopost kiosks do.

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