Privileged Intersection Parking


This one really is wrong on multiple counts.

A Hoboken411 reader caught this blatant display privileged of city employees in action. Illegal parking, no summons, and even an expired permit! If this is considered a “city perk,” it’s no wonder people want to work for the city so badly.

“Loved this one today. Cops calling in a car parked illegally on the sidewalk and crosswalk. As the cops go around to the other side and see the label on the dash, one cop looks over to the other and gives him the “kill the call sign.” A cop car rolls up and they talk for a few moments, then leave.

The offending car stays where it is. I look at the dash. Of course. City clerk.

I get $108 worth of tickets for essentially being on the little white line, and this guy is on a curb, into the crosswalk, pressed against the car ahead of him, an expired permit, and it’s all fine and dandy? Bull!

Coincidentally, another 411 reader reminded me of this website, where you can download and print snappy notices to apply on cars just like this one.

Will we be seeing these pop up around town soon?


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Yip Yap,
I’m pretty sure the city does have space reserved in the parking garage across the street rorm the police station for city employee vehicles.
The city employees just “choose” not to use them.
Anyone care to elaborate on this?

perhaps it need to be brought up by a council person at a meeting?

Heaven forbid city employees abide by rules or regulations like the rest of us….. 🙄

Take a ride by the Hoboken Police station on any morning and you can see why parking is such a problem in Hoboken, especially when our city chooses not to issue parking permits for the city garages to the police and city hall employees. Instead Hoboken gives them all placards that allow them to break all the rules and only anger the citizens because of the double standard on enforcement. There is a city garage right there on the corner of Hudson and Second. Are the city employees given permits to park there? Personal vehicles, some marked with police badges or the City placard permits, have been parking illegally in a no-stopping zone, crosswalks and no parking zones in front of the city police station, the driveway of the bank next door and the driveway for MarineView plaza for years. Even the city’s most prolific and daring parking scofflaws in Hoboken would probably think twice about parking in a clearly marked no-parking zone in front of or near the police station or even city hall. So why the double standard for the personal vehicles of the city employees? Why when the city has a garage right there on the corner do they not reserve space in it for the city employees? Personal vehicles, some marked with police badges or the City placard permits, have been parking illegally in a no-stopping zone, crosswalks and no parking zones in front of the city police station, the driveway of the bank next door… Read more »

How about all the private cars with police decals parked around the police station and the nearby intersections beyond the yellow lines and in the driveway of 5 Marine View Plaza? The fact that they do this doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that they will ticket/tow anyone else doing the same thing. Also, the Police have a huge parking lot, but they have taken over more and more of the street for official parking and yet that lot always has spots.

And while we are on the topic of parking, why was the Post Office allowed to take a city street (Newark Street between River and Frank Sinatra Drive) and turn it in to a parking lot for it’s employees with diagonal parking on one side of the street? Can any other business decide to turn the street next it’s building into a parking lot for it’s employees?


After only living here for less than a year, I’ve learned the best way to deal with double parkers and people blocking my drive way is by letting the air out of there tires. While it doesn’t solve the problem, I get a great laugh everytime I watch someone coming out of church having to put air in there tires. Plus I leave a note, letting them know if they do it agian, I’ll run a key down there door.


[quote comment=”62327″]
I didn’t know this was true. Is it a different permit then the normal street one?[/quote]
I’ve seen a couple of them, they are paper like the temporary/visitor ones. I think there are a couple on the 600 block of Park Ave., near the house which turned the area between the sidewalk and front door into their own little (illegal) parking lot. During the summer there’s usually a red corvette parked diagonally there.

While we’re on the 600 block of Park Ave., what is it going to take to get the people who live on the East side of the street near 7th to stop parking half on the sidewalk? You know, where there is the half-block long curb cut? One of the worst offenders is a maroon Nissan Quest minivan. This van is nearly always blocking at least 1/2 of the sidewalk, often more. I always wondered what the reason for this was. A couple weeks back I took a closer look. Apparently this person wants to maintain a safe 6-foot clear distance to the garbage cans they’ve lined up in front of their garage door, so in order to accomplish this they only pull halfway into their driveway, leaving the butt end of their van on the sidewalk far enough that a wheelchair could not pass if they wanted to.