Lost Zimmer Diary Pages?

Diary of a Lady Mayor

As “mayor” don Zimmer exits out of the Hoboken mess she created (nine years of empty promises) – she moves on to bigger STATE empty promises under the wings of supposed front-runner Phil Murphy.

While NJ is 2 to 1 Democrat – you never know what will take place in the next four months. Stranger things have happened.

But here’s the classic Jon Stewart video “Diary of a Lady Mayor” as a perfect “SEND OFF” for don!

More lost Zimmer diary pages uncovered?


We may have “stumbled upon” what might be more lost Zimmer diary pages from that (almost now forgotten) debacle a few years back. To sum it up in a nutshell in case you forgot: Allegations were made, and hand-written “diary pages” were presented as “evidence.” Who was involved and the actual subject matter is almost irrelevant considering how ridiculous it all was.

Either way, as our “archaeological team” tries to decipher the hieroglyphics to verify – here are some of the other lost diary pages we “found” a couple years back as a refresher.

Dawn Zimmer Lost Diary Pages from Hoboken NJ 1 - Lost Zimmer Diary Pages?

Dawn Zimmer Lost Diary Pages from Hoboken NJ 2 - Lost Zimmer Diary Pages?

(Presented as political parody of course. None of that could ever be true, right?)

Update: Jon Stewart mocks Zimmer Diary entries

1/23/2014 Update:

Last night Jon Stewart on the Daily Show mocked the living daylights about the whole “Diary evidence.”

(h/t to Jeremy for the tip…)

Zimmer DiaryGate – Who do you believe with such questionable evidence?

Do you believe Zimmer in Christie Allegations in Hoboken NJ - Lost Zimmer Diary Pages?When the whole Zimmer DiaryGate allegations against the Chris Christie administration in NJ “surfaced,” I frankly didn’t know what to believe. Because politicians as a whole – really haven’t been 100% up front since the days of the founding fathers. And even then we don’t really know much other than what the history books say.

Everyone has motivations for something (power, control, ego), and there is always that goes awry in the grand scheme of things.

Do political power brokers like Christie “throw their weight around?” Sure, in some ways they certainly might.

Do political “newbies” like Zimmer want to “go up in ranks” at all costs because of their thirst for “more power?” Maybe, it happens all the time.

Either way, someone in this “debate” is not telling the truth, or is simply such an ignorant dunce – you never know. Do we think it’s a real possibility that Zimmer was told those things? Sure, anything is possible. But the simple fact that she waited, contradicted, and seemingly “pounced” on the opportunity is the reason why lean the other way. If the “real” truth comes out (undisputed, documented, admitted, etc.) then we stand corrected. Until then – we’ll keep an eye out for when the dust finally settles.

What if Zimmer just “mis-understood” Guadagno?

One interesting theory I heard was that “Dopey Dawn” may have simply mis-heard what Guadagno and Constable said to her.

Is it possible they said that the flood mitigation funds wouldn’t be available because of the “undeveloped” nature of the NW section of Hoboken? And if “high profile” projects *like* Rockefeller were there, it would increase the chances that funding would be approved and made available to Hoboken?

Think about that for a second… If the land uptown had more prominent properties on it – the justification for a flood wall would be more warranted? Maybe they weren’t specifically insisting that the funds were tied, but that it would HELP Zimmer satisfy the criteria needed for such an exorbitant amount of funding. For God’s sake, Rockefeller does OWN that land.

Who knows – just a theory.

Found – Lost Zimmer Diary Pages

Anyway, just for goofs – I imagined what “lost diary pages” might look like if they were uncovered… I just couldn’t find a font that was a sloppy as the “rushed” diary entries Zimmer wrote.

(Click the link below this image to see the second page…)

Dawn Zimmer Lost Diary Pages from Hoboken NJ Sandy Gate 1 - Lost Zimmer Diary Pages?

Editorial: Under scrutiny Zimmer’s claims fall apart completely

Does Dawn Zimmers Math add up in Hoboken NJ - Lost Zimmer Diary Pages?

Lastly, one reader, “John” wrote a detailed “timeline” explanation as to why Zimmer’s claims seem quite out of order and illogical. Take it for what it’s worth – and “do the math” yourself.

Does it all add up?

“Much is being made of the fact that Zimmer mailed Christie a letter on May 8, 2013 that begged for flooding hazard mitigation aid. The letter noted that most in Hoboken did not qualify for federal aid. She noted many buildings in Hoboken could not be elevated the way homes in beach properties could be elevated. It would take redeveloping Hoboken in order to raise Hoboken structures above the flood plain which would then qualify Hoboken for various federal aid it currently did not qualify for. No where does this letter suggest that Christie demanded approval of the Rockefeller project in order to receive Sandy aid. It speaks about how other areas qualify for federal aid without needing redevelopment and it is not fair that Hoboken doesn’t qualify. She is intentionally trying to misrepresent that this letter supports her claims that Christie was tying Sandy aid to the Rockefeller project.”

Zimmer credibility – Strike 1

“The problem though is that the letter is not referring to the Rockefeller project or Sandy aid being tied to any project. Rather it is referring to federal requirements to receive federal aid. Indeed at the time the letter was mailed the planning board had not yet rejected the Rockefeller project. It was not rejected until the planning board meeting held that night. According to her own allegations it was not until May 13, 2013 that the Christie administration first indicated to her that it was tying Sandy aid to approval of the Rockefeller project. How could a letter written on May 8 be addressing a link that she claims wasn’t maid until 5 days later? She is obviously lying about this letter being a response to Sandy aid being tied to the Rockefeller project. That means not only does the letter fail to support her claim she intentionally lied about the meaning of the letter. That is strike 1 against her credibility.

Strike 2

Despite claiming to be so despondent and dismayed with Christie she subsequently repeatedly praised him publicly. Why would she praise him if she was so dismayed? According to her she did so in hopes that he would reward her for sucking up to him. Some of the places she praised him were unlikely to be seen by him so her claim is suspect but if true that she was giving him false praise hoping for a quid pro quo that is strike 2 against her credibility and any notion of her possessing integrity.

Strike 3

Several days after the Bridgegate emails were released and Bridget Anne Kelly was fired Zimmer was interviewed by CNN. She complained about the level aid that Hoboken’s government received. In response she was asked if she thought it was retaliation. “I don’t think it was retaliation and I don’t have any reason to think it’s retaliation, but I’m not satisfied with the amount of money I’ve gotten so far.” and she carried on about her Dutch designed flood mitigation plan not being funded. A week later she changed her tune and claimed it was retaliation. Why would she have lied a week earlier? She was either lying then or is lying now. This is strike 3 against her credibility. It appears she decided to make up the lie about Sandy aid being tied to the Rockefeller project after that CNN interview.

I have yet to see anyone explain away these lies or to address why anything she says should be trusted at all. Her supporters refuse to address the facts. Looking at the evidence related to the federal grants that NJ approved further demonstrates that her claims are all lies and baseless.

Does the Zimmer Math add up?

She submitted total requests of $127 million for hazard mitigation. Of this amount only $1.3 million was for alternative energy sources. The remainder was to help fund her Dutch flood mitigation system. The program she applied for such grants under was a federal program being administered by the state. The state was given $25 million for such program. About 2 million was for administrative costs and $23 million to be disbursed to local governments and agencies for power generators. 146 government entities applied for grants under such program. If they all got even amounts that would mean $157,000 for each entity. But some entities like counties, public utilities and Newark had far more pressing needs so were awarded more than most towns were. Thus most towns did not get $157,000 the most common grant was for $142,080 which happens to be how much Hoboken received. 27 percent received this amount. 30 percent received less. Newark received the most and still only received $734,000. There is nothing suspicious at all that Hoboken received $142,080 not the ful1 $1.3 million requested. There is no evidence that Hoboken’s situation warranted a much higher amount like went to Newark. But that is not her gripe. Her gripe is not over the generators it is over her requests for $125 million for flood mitigation. The federal guidelines only allowed the grant to be used for alternative power so there was no way for Christie to earmark any money for flood mitigation even if he wanted to. The entire fund only had $23 million to disburse anyway so not even 20% of what Hoboken wanted. Should Hoboken receive everything and no one else in the state anything?

This means her claim that the only reason Hoboken didn’t receive any grant money for flood mitigation is because it refused to approve the Rockefeller office building is nonsense. There were no federal grant programs run by the state which offered local governments grants for flood mitigation. That is why the applications for flood mitigation were not even considered, there were no grant programs that applied to the requests. She sent the requests to programs that offered grants for other things. The state had no choice but to refuse to consider improper requests like this.

That also means that there was no way for the Christie administration to tell her that if she approved the office building that flood mitigation money would flow. The federal money was earmarked for specific programs and there was no way for Christie to change the purposes. Federal law and regulations govern who can apply and what the money could be used for. There was no pot to pull millions from let alone many tens of millions. Her claims are all incredible and her credibility was in question even before looking at the actual financial evidence but the financial evidence seals the deal that she is lying.

The state helped Hoboken get into a federal study where the flood mitigation plan is being evaluated and the federal government is deciding whether to fund it. The state helped to the extent it could. It has no control over what the federal government decides though. Apparently Zimmer is trying to grease the palms of the democrats in Washington by lying about Christie hoping they will return the favor by approving the project for her help against Christie. That seems to be her endgame.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014 6:07 pm

Love the parody. Hysterical. Zimmer always looking for a scapegoat.

Thursday, January 23, 2014 12:48 pm

Yep, the claims of “applying” for this type of grant from the state made no sense based upon how the grant criteria and grant administration works to my knowledge. Odd that she uses the words “I didn’t” receive” and “support my proposal” when she is speaking of the town of Hoboken. She seems to forget who she represents and that many are not her supporters based on her, yes, “illogical” claims and plans.

Thursday, January 23, 2014 10:58 am

When Dawn takes her lie detector test make sure they ask about shadow mayor Stan.

Thursday, January 23, 2014 10:18 am

Throw them all out and start over!

Reply to  spiffy
Friday, October 23, 2015 3:45 am

There is too much dissatisfaction with the present majority. Perhaps this coming election will effect change! .Politics is a pendulum that swings back and forth, it has
gone forth more than enough and needs to swing the other way.

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