Reader Mail: Thank You, Hoboken FD!


I heard this incident on the Live Hoboken Police/Fire Scanner, and chalked it up as another (thankfully) false alarm.

However, Hoboken411 reader Mel sheds some light on the details of the incident, and even wants to bake the Fire Department some cookies for a job well done!

Read on:

hoboken fire department good job 3 - Reader Mail: Thank You, Hoboken FD!

“At 3:15am Sunday morning I returned home after a night out at bars. I was mostly sober when I walked into my building. But, upon opening up the building door I smelled smoke (possibly patchouli?). After I entered my premises, I could see a haze from the 14′ ceilings to my shoulders (about 5′) and realized there was a problem. At first I turned on a my vents (both my bathroom and my kitchen) but soon realized I should call the Hoboken Fire Department for help. And that’s what I did… I called the non-emergency police # and explained that I smelled and saw a smoky haze in my apartment and the entire first floor of my building.

Within TWO minutes the fire department responded. I let them in and they searched my apartment (using some sort of “heat sensor” to check for hot spots / fire in my floors/ceiling and walls), and the apartments above me and next to me. After determining that it was probably “down draft” from another fireplace through my flue, they left. This was after an hour of thorough examination.

Both Fire Chief Labruno and all the firemen that responded (about 20+ men) were not only the utmost of professionals but incredibly nice. In fact, Chief Labruno called me an hour after leaving to check on me to make sure that the smoke conditions had improved (he’d told me he would so I was still awake).

I just wanted to say THANKS to the entire department. They’re good men (and women, although everyone that responded to my place was a man). So thanks HFD!”


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I had a similar experience in October… I awoke smelling smoke in my 3 family home around 6:00am. Turned out I had a blockage in my chimney which caused my boiler to become engulfed in flames. Chief LaBruno and the HPD were at my home within 2 min. of my 911 call! They helped extinguish the fire and shut off the gas to my building, and assure the safety of myself and my tenants. It really is comforting knowing what a great fire department we have, and what a nice person Chief LaBruno is. He also stopped by my home the next day (on his day off) to see how I was doing, and how things were going with my damages. My loss would have been much greater (possibly the entire building), had the response not have been so quick!


Pachouli is that crappy incense hippies burn to mask the smell of pot.

Or in my case, when I was trying to be a rebel in high school I burned it to make my parents worry I had a drug problem. LOL 😆


According to Wikipedia, “the pungent smell of patchouli is known to cover the smell of burnt cannabis and body odor” and “It is a component in about a third of modern, high-end perfumes, including more than half of perfumes for men.” Body odor and men’s perfume, maybe Mel is a guy.


[quote comment=”61986″]elementary; first there is a distinct feminine tone to the post such as a reference to “patchouli”, and noting the smoke reached to the writers shoulders “about 5′”…men would never mention something like patchouli and would always refer to their tallest height and usually exaggerate that as well. second, a man would not likely admit to waiting for a follow up call from the fire chief to see if they were alright. and finally, she was really drunk and obnoxious when i dropped her off. ha ha![/quote]

Brillant! I really need to re-read things a couple of times for items like that to stick out. I guess the baking of cookies is kind of a give away too. What the hell is “patchouli”?


Was her neighbor the one that wrote to hoboken411 complaining about sirens at 3:15am on Sunday mornings?