National Holidays: Theoretical Limit?

Would National Holidays reach a theoretical limit in America?

All “media outlets” will be “remembering” and “regurgitating” the whole Martin Luther King schpeel ad nauseum today. It’s sort of what they do. Partially because they feel they have to – and another reason is that it’s good “filler material” to occupy an otherwise lackluster news day (provided nothing extraordinary transpires…)

But as this will be the NINTH “MLK Day” since 411 has been around, it’s gotten me to think: As a “country” accumulates “holidays” (national at least), would we ever reach a “theoretical limit” to how many national holidays we can have?

Every day is a holiday

Theory: No. Countries never last long enough

My initial theory was that it’s “possible” that a country – if it lasts long enough – would run into a conundrum where holidays would eventually fill the entire calendar year. But because societies collapse at a “regular” interval in our short history – it will never, ever happen.

Yes, Martin Luther King day is one of 11 “Federal” holidays observed each calender year, and the last “national” holiday to be enacted, just back in 1986.

National (or Federal) Holidays are where the “government” is off. This doesn’t always translate into private sector, but it’s a good barometer that a good majority of the “working” populace will have a day off.

But as I was thinking about these holidays – I may be the only one worried if we’ll ever have too many!

(At least there’s no street cleaning today…)

No Street cleaning in Hoboken on Martin Luther King Day

Most countries are young or re-born

Funny thing is that the few countries that have “long standing traditions” (like China, etc.) are under dictatorships. And even they don’t have every calender day filled with holidays.

Let’s use our imagination for a second, though.

Say America was indeed the best place ever – and lasted for eternity. What would we do over the course of a few thousand years – say a couple hundred thousand years?

Would the need for “public acknowledgment” for various “historically significant” events or people eventually fill the calender to the point where we had an “official” holiday each and every day of the year?

For the historical planners out there – how would you handle a situation like that if a country persevered that long? Is that even in your history books? I doubt it very much.

Happy MLK Day anyway!

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