Bloody Saturday Night

1/13/2008 3:01 update:

HFD was driving up Wash between 7th & 8th and reported: “Large fight with baseball bats…”, “Man down in puddle of blood”, “License plate RDU-86U”

Police said moments later: “Disregard any other units, we have it under control, but send an ambulance…”

What’s the deal, yo?

1/13/2008 2:43am:

If you listen to the live Hoboken police scanner on a typical Saturday night, you’ll hear a very similar theme each week. Fights, large groups, drunk crowds, etc. The downtown bars, Lounge 11, and other hot spots pop up with predictable regularity. So I don’t post each and every incident for that reason.

However, something kinda scary is taking place downtown.

There was some kind of fight at or around one of the PATH bars, and one of the officers is seeking medical help for one of the victims. He started asking for help desperately, because he thought that the battered man might have been well “on his way” (to being dead!) Not sure what bar this was, but it may have been Lana’s.

Whatever the case is, I hope no one dies.. but what the hell? Makes staying on my New Year’s Resolution that much easier.

Update: the bloody man is ok.. regained consciousness just as another fight at Lana broke out. Stay Classy, Hoboken!

Hoboken Lana Lounge Street Fight

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You have to walk the walk. Talking is irrelevent. Ever walk up to someone who’se been disparaging you and not say a word? This works especially well when someone keeps pestering you, you’re quiet, finally had it, and approach them, nothing said.

But you have to totally be in the right and the other person in the wrong. How you walk up to them, say nothing, and then just stay there, stare at them with the straw that broke the camel’s back, and remain in silence. Then they go [braaaap] 😯

I think that deserves 100 bonus points


“Hey, what the f are you looking at?”

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THAT is a skill.