Hoboken Week in Review – 1/13/2008


What a week!

Happy Sunday to the 100’s of new readers that have signed up since the last Hoboken Week in Review. Get ready for a snowy night and morning commute, and another week of random Hoboken stories.

Below, see the Top 10 bumped or newly published articles this week that had the most overall action. Additionally, a few other noteworthy posts as well as some upcoming events in the next week.


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Hottest story of the year so far
    McSwiggan’s Bar and the rest of the building on 1st and Bloomfield charred and gutted due to irresponsible nicotine additction.
  2. Local Lawyer passes bar – sigh…
    Just saying “congrats” to a long time Hoboken resident creates mud-storm.
  3. Popular eatery takes care of some house cleaning
    Anthony David’s shuts down for a week or two. As seen earlier, will be open today for Sunday Brunch!
  4. Costs a lot to keep your expensive care looking nice
    Steep rate increases in private garages also creates zippy exchanges between readers. “Move to the suburbs”, “You can afford an expensive car, get used to the parking fees”.. and stuff like that…
  5. Burgers Everywhere!
    Hoboken411 gets treated to a super-tasty burger at Hudson Tavern.. Check it out yourself!
  6. Crepey
    Ingredients in a folded hot-pocket style wrap. Place under renovation. I don’t give them good odds. Sorry.
  7. CW11?
    Low-rated news channel features Fiore’s famous Mutz. Was fun to watch, though, they seem like pretty fun people.
  8. Events like this happen at High Schools nationwide
    After school rumbles happen pretty much at every school. For some reason this minor event at Hoboken High creates some, uh, let’s say “interesting” dialogue.
  9. Corzine and creative accounting
    Our resident State Governor labels a 400% toll increase as “mini 50% increases” to stump the mathematically challenged.
  10. Red Candidates
    The recent Republican debate on FOX News pisses me off.

Other items of interest

  • Are you single in Hoboken?
    Read this post then.
  • Artie Lange
    He performed at Tutta Pasta. People were more interested in his girth, than his routine.
  • Sucking Action
    Vacuums are truly an anomaly. It’s one of the remaining product niches that are hard to crack.

Coming this week

  • DUI Ex-Councilman…
    Chris Campos’ drunk driving case is scheduled to be heard this Thursday. Will it get postponed for the umpteenth time?

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