Hoboken Mutz Fest 2014

Biancamano’s & Vito’s – Best Hoboken Mutz for 2014

An update and a clarification here. A few weeks ago – we mentioned Vito’s in our weekly photo roundup – as winning the “Best Mutz in Hoboken” contest earlier this year. However, that needs to be cleared up – as there were various categories:

Now if you haven’t eaten lunch yet – what are you going to do now?

biancamanos vitos Hoboken NJ best mutz 2014 - Hoboken Mutz Fest 2014

2nd Annual Hoboken Mutzfest – January 26th, 2014

Two weekends from now, the Hoboken Family Alliance is hosting the Second Annual Hoboken Mutzfest over at the Hoboken Elks Lodge (10th & Washington). It features some of the more well-known local spots for fresh mozzarella, along with entertainment and prizes.

Hoboken Mutz Fest 2014 - Hoboken Mutz Fest 2014

Hoboken Mutz Fest 2014 at Elks Lodge

Mark your calendars for Mutzfest 2014! The return of the popular face-off between local delis for bragging rights about who really has the best “mutz” in town is back on Sunday, January 26, from 2 pm – 6 pm at the Elk’s Club.

This year’s event promises to be even more fun than the inaugural event with live entertainment, a cannoli-eating contest, a Frank Sinatra karaoke and more.

Most delis from last year will return including M&P Biancamano, defending 2013 Hoboken Mutz Fest champions in both the People’s Choice and Critic’s Choice.

Lisa’s Deli is not returning, but new entrants Gigi’s Rosticeria and Little Town NJ join Fran’s Deli, Losurdo Bros. and Vito’s in the competition. They expect more than 700 people to sample all the tasty homemade mozzarella. This year, attendees will receive one voting chip with their entrance fee and choose their favorite mozzarella in the People’s Choice Award category. A panel of celebrity judges will pick the winner for Critic’s Choice.

Ticket prices have doubled ($20) since last year, and are available here. Children under 12 are free. No mention if this is a “for profit” event, or if it is for “charity” like last year.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014 1:15 pm


Monday, April 21, 2014 6:16 pm

The truth is. that goofy Biancamono kid, the one on the school board, wa running around the event campaigning for their mutz. I swear the boob thought it was a political poll. People I was with voted for Biancamono just to get the kid away from us.
For me, I walk the extra blocks to Vito’s because you never know when that annoying boob is going to be in Biancamono’s and I willl instantly lose my appetite.

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