John McAfee – Mayor of Hoboken?

You can dream: John McAfee for Hoboken Mayor

You ever follow the life of John McAfee? He truly is is one of the “most interesting people in the world.”

How awesome it would be for Hoboken if John McAfee was Mayor? Imagine a clear and concise speaker, who exudes confidence and intelligence? This guy doesn’t need “handlers” or advice from anyone. And a sophisticated sense of humor as well.

We can fantasize, can’t we? Below is a recent interview he did on I think you would be proud to have him holding press conferences after events like Hurricane Sandy. It would be a strong departure from our current situation, that’s for sure!

“Some call him “Master of Paranoia”. The life of this man is the life of adventure — a scientist, a software developer, he developed new antibiotics in the heart of the jungle, drugs and guns are not an oddity for him. Luxury and poverty, freedom and jail — this man has tasted it all. Today we talk to the man of the legend — John McAfee is on Sophie&Co.”

Read more on his cool blog too.

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