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5/8/2008 Update:

The original post on Hoboken411 back in January generated some good buzz!

The response to the New Moms Running Group, which kicked off earlier this spring has been really terrific. So many moms have contacted me about the run. To get the word out, I thought I’d send through another posting to you for any mom who might have missed the news the last time. Since I last posted, Fleet Feet has generously offered to watch our bags during the run, use of their restroom, and provides post race water. Can’t beat that! Many thanks to Shawn Marlovitz of Fleet Feet for making this happen. I have met some great girls through the group and it’s a lot of fun. Moms over 40 are encouraged to come out and join us (I’m over 40, for the record)–it’s a non-competitive, fun run.

Calling all running moms!

hoboken-postpartum-moms-running-club-hoboken411.jpgThe New Moms Running group meets most Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. at Fleet Feet, located on 604 Washington Street in Hoboken. The group is great for motivation to get out there and for camaraderie on the roads, all while shedding those winter or post-pregnancy pounds. The miles fly by as we run around Hoboken’s beautiful waterfront running at an easy pace.

Please note: for safety’s sake, the runs are without strollers. Besides, it’s good to get out and clear your head without the kids for once!

For more information, please email

Hope to see you Saturday!

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hoboken-postpartum-moms-running-club-hoboken411.jpgA Hoboken mom who recently gave birth wanted to test the waters to see if any other “Moms” in town would be interested in some group runs/jogs with some similar company.

New Moms Group Runs

“I am a new mom and also a dedicated runner trying to get back into shape after having my first baby at the beginning of December.

I was wondering if there were other new moms who love running and would be interested in getting together for a gentle run during daylight hours to get back into shape once or twice a week. Interested parties may email me at for more information. Moms over 40 especially welcome.”

I personally think this is a great idea, and promotes fitness and exercise, rather than just playgrounds and coffee!

Any new moms interested in this?

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Riverside Pediatrics at 232 Clinton Street is great, that is where I take my children and they have other locations also, I believe in Seacaucus and are 24/7.


[quote comment=”61838″][quote comment=”61757″]Imagine them jogging at 15 MPH down the sidewalk.[/quote]

There are women living in town who can run 4-minute miles while pushing a stroller? Damn, that’s impressive.[/quote]

I was thinking the same thing. Sub 4’s WITH a stroller, on the streets of Hoboken. I didn’t know we had Kenyans in this town.


It says right in the post that there won’t be any strollers…or children. Please try to read it all the way through before you start bashing people.


Hat’s off to all of the moms for caring about how they look.

With a little hard work on their behalf hopefully this ‘mom jog’ can soon be replaced by the far more popular ‘Milf Parade.’

“I really don’t feel like stopping.” Now that’s funny.


Why does this not seem safe to run with a kid in a stroller. Not like we have the best side walks in town, I can just see junior flying out of the stroller when mom hits a nice pot hole. Maybe these high end strollers with the rims and suped up tires are better than I realize.

Need a good laugh….