Keeping a home inventory


Since the fire at McSwiggan’s last week, people have been reminded how important essential basics are, such as home/renters insurance, fire safety and more.

Today, Hoboken411 reader John tells us about some free software that the Insurance Institute offers to help make filing claims much easier.


“Obviously the fire at mcswiggans was a tragedy, and it’s possible that the folks who owned/rented those apartments are going to have to provide their insurance companies with claims. This could be a bit of a nightmare if they did not keep an inventory of their “stuff”

That being said, your readers might be interested to know that the Insurance Institute offers free software (for both PC and Mac users) that allows you to track everything you own (including the serial numbers, photos and receipts). You can print out a copy and keep it in a safe spot outside your home. Overall, it will make the insurance claims process a lot easier if you ever have a significant loss.

The software can be found at

Great tip, John! So let’s get to it, and make sure our inventories are in order!

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It’s not necessary, of course, to print out copies; they can be stored in a private web location.