Emperor of the Meadowlands

Chris Christie: The Emperor of the Meadowlands

Everyone and their brother had “commentary” about the whole NJ / NY / Trenton / Fort Lee “George Washington Bridge Scandal” involving Chris Christie and his “staff.” It’s so overwhelmingly ridiculous – one doesn’t even know truly where to begin. But rather than biting at the low-hanging fruit (the actual “incident”), perhaps you should be asking other questions?

The one thing that we thought about – is the “bravado” or cockiness that Christie’s staff had. Why were they so emboldened as to do such a thing? Proof positive that “power” over others is just NOT a good thing. Even if they get it “vicariously.” It corrupts nearly 100% of the people who are “entitled” enough to get it. Those in positions of political “authority” should honestly get that “privilege” cut down to size. The smallest size possible. But unfortunately, the “power of the people” is so Goddamn weak – that it will never happen.

Anyway – the amazing William Banzai belted out another amazing satirical cartoon about the whole debacle:

Chris Christie Emperor of the Meadowlands GWB - Emperor of the Meadowlands

GWB Scandal just another “distraction” to divert your attention

Another good point – is that the “timing” of this whole “scandal” was very curiously placed. And why are much more terrible scandals or plain criminal acts getting such little traction amongst the populous? I know the answer – but do you?

Here’s a straight “in your face” video from Chris Greene that sums it up without “MSM.”

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