Animal Cruelty – Hudson County SPCA

4/14/2008 Update:

Seems as if the complaints about the Hudson County SPCA finally led to some action.

All animals removed from HCSPCA

On Friday evening, April 11, Jersey City Health Officers, Jersey City Police, members of the Hudson Animal Advocates and staff of the Liberty Humane Society, removed 15 dogs , 24 cats and 1 ferret from the Hudson County SPCA located on Johnson Avenue, Jersey City.


This action was taken pursuant to a court order by The Honorable Thomas P. Olivieri of the Superior Court of New Jersey. The order mandated the immediate removal of all animals from the HCSPCA facility, and restrained the HCSPCA from any further animal shelter operations.

All of the HCSPCA animals are now being cared for at the Liberty Humane Society. “The animals that arrived here last night under emergency conditions are now comfortable, safe and adjusting to their new environment”, said Vivian Kiggins, Executive Director of The Liberty Humane Society. “As with all of our animals, they will have quality care, proper nutrition, exercise, and medical attention if needed. Our terrific volunteers and staff are responding to this emergency”.

With the arrival of these animals, Liberty Humane Society, across the street from the Liberty Science Center, is in need of the community’s assistance more than ever. “We need bleach, linens, paper towels and canned cat food (non fish). We also really need your donations”, stated Janet Russell, Director of Development.

If you would like to volunteer or donate, please contact the Liberty Humane Society at or at (201) 547-4147. All donations can be mailed to Liberty Humane Society, P.O. Box 3766, 235 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07303 or can be made online at

The court order was in response to New Jersey Appleseed Public Interest Law Center’s joint show cause petition, which was filed late Friday afternoon with the Jersey City’s Corporation Counsel, seeking an injunction suspending operations at the HCSPCA and for the immediate removal of all animals from the Johnson Avenue facility.

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2/6/2008 Update:

They’re due in court tomorrow. A reader says: “the pictures of the animals in this file are their dogs… we have to do something as a community to stop this from happening any longer.”

“PUT AN END to animal cruelty at The Hudson County SPCA. They are due in court Thursday February 7, 2008 at 1:00 p.m. 365 Summit Avenue Room # 6.

The community of Hudson County and the elected officials of Union City and North Bergen who have contracts with The Hudson County SPCA need to end the abuse now!”

Read the history of abuse and neglect and current articles of the very same. These poor animals need our voice to save them from any further harm.

  • – This website shows that Hector Carbajales has been the Board Director since 2001. They also claim not to receive any funding when they have contracts with Union City and North Bergen.
  • – This website is a brief story of why The Liberty Humane Society was created they state “Jersey City had contracted with the Hudson County SPCA to provide it with animal sheltering services, but the SPCA had proved to be an unsatisfactory provider. In 2002, after a state investigation revealed numerous abuses, mismanagement, and financial misdealings at the SPCA, the City dropped its contract and opened its own animal shelter
  • Millville, NJ Site – This website shows a 2006 report of “Animal Intake and Dispositon” for New Jersey Counties. Notice on the last page of the report (page 3) it indicates “No statistics were available for The Hudson County SPCA due to destroyed or missing documents”
  • State Website– April 25,2001 New Jersey State Commission of Investigation Report. The report discusses the abuses of the SPCA both at the state and county level. They also mention on page 2 last paragraph “Conditions at an animal shelter administered by the Hudson County SPCA were found to be deplorable. While shelter officials skimmed patron fees and sold dog food for personal profit, animals languished in overcrowded, poorly ventilated enclosures without adequate food, water or veterinary care.
  • Jersey Journal Article “Can SPCA defend ‘cruelty’?” Friday, January 25, 2008 – This has always been an ongoing issue that will only end with the removal of the SPCA and the current Board Members.
  • Jersey Journal article on January 15, 2008 of the surprise inspection by Jersey City Animal Control.

It’s time to dissolve the Hudson County SPCA and it’s BOARD MEMBERS from the facility at 480 Johnston Avenue. They must be removed and prevented from operating any animal facility.

Union City and North Bergen Officials need to remove them and put a stop to the ongoing animal cruelty, nepotism and corruption this facility has been allowed to get away with for so many years.

The ENTIRE Board and any relationship with The Hudson County SPCA need to be removed from this facility and not allowed to operate any longer in this jurisdiction

Give a voice to these helpless creatures. Tell your elected officials to put a STOP to the Animal Cruelty and injustices at The Hudson County SPCA. The change has to happen.

Jersey City Mayor Jeramiah Healy at 201-547-5200;
Union City Mayor Brian Stack at 201-348-5757
North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco 201-392-2005
Attorney General Anne Milgram 609-292-4925

Court Date: February7, 2008

At the following address:
365 Summit Avenue Room #6
Jersey City, NJ 07306
1:00 P.M.

1/11/2008 Press Release:


animal-cruelty-jersey-city-hoboken411-spca.jpgYears after the SPCA at 480 Johnston Avenue, Jersey City, N.J. was investigated and charged for animal cruelty when a staff member beat a resident dog to death with a shovel, it appears the SPCA has not much improved.

This week, Jersey City Animal Control received several anonymous tips about very sick animals at the Jersey City shelter who were not receiving medical care. Control Officer Joe Frank called high ranking SPCA officer Carl Galioto to ask that the shelter be checked in upon and was assured by Mr. Galioto that he had visited the shelter this week and that all of the animals, and the facility, were in excellent condition.

A surprise visit on Wednesday, however, by the office of Animal Control and the Jersey City Health department, accompanied by members of the Police Department, turned up a different story altogether.

The facility was covered in what appeared to be weeks’ worth of dog feces and at least 3 dogs were confiscated and brought to the Liberty Humane Center for immediate medical treatment. 2 of the animals suffered from severe malnourishment while the 3rd had a badly ulcerated eye which had gone untreated.

The incident leaves questions about conflicts of interest involved in an agency that polices itself and the qualifications of the Board of Directors, led by President, and Minister, Hector Carbajales of Union City, N.J., also a state certified animal control officer.

The animals will be returned to the shelter once the shelter is able to provide evidence that they are affiliated with a Veterinarian, they have instituted a disease control program and that the Veterinarian will care for the sick animals that were confiscated.

The Hudson County SPCA maintains animal control contracts with neighboring towns of Union City whose Mayor, Brian Stack, is a state Senator and also North Bergen, whose mayor Nicholas Sacco is also a state senator.

The Jersey City Animal Control office can be reached at 201-547-4888
The Jersey City Health Department can be reached at 201-547-6800
Board President, Minister Hector Carbajales can be reached at 201-435-3557

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It looks like they might be back in business? Does anyone know if this is true? And if it is, are the animals OK?


have you guys been by that pet store at newport mall? we were there for a movie one night, walked by (everything was all closed up) and the poor puppies were still in their tiny cages! puppies need love and exercise! i was soo distraught after seeing that. – i will definitely bring by supplies this weekend.


[quote comment=”77979″]I think another problem are the idiots that adopt/buy animals then realize there is work involved in keeping them. They then unload the animal back to a shelter.
Breeders need to be more selective in determining whom they allow to adopt an animal. I know a lot of shelters want references, interviews, etc… Which is a lot more required than breeders, who sometimes SHIP purebreds to whomever wants to buy them. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will change. :cry:[/quote]

i don’t think it’s most of the breeders though. my family got our lab 12 years ago from a breeder who was very detailed. i am looking into getting a Wheaton terrier now and all the breeders i have spoken to are very detailed as well. the problem lies in the puppy mills that breed for pet stores, which will basically sell to anyone who can pay. i’ve even see places that offer financing! i’m sorry, but if you can’t afford to purchase the dog outright, then you definitely cannot afford the dog at all! how will you pay for food, medical care, and god-forbid….emergencies?


[quote comment=”78000″]My cat breeder had me fill out a psych profile (how hard could it have been, I passed) and also wanted 3 references. I signed 3 documents that also said I wouldn’t declaw, breed or give my baby to a shelter (has to go back to her). I was 21 at the time, but I knew that getting an animal was a lifelong commitment to that animal.

It makes me sick that people adopt and then give it back. It’s disgusting.[/quote]

I agree… With my cat (sadly passed away last year) I had to go through an interview process and evidence three references. However, a neighbor of mine wanted some dog dujour (a cockapoo?) a few years ago, so she ordered it off the internet, paid via paypal and had it shipped UPS. She picked him up at Newark Airport a few days later.

strand tramp
strand tramp

KS, you may recall i had you sign the same docs before i’d go to dinner with you. and i now know those docs mean nothing…