Friday Video Truth: Saving the Planet!

Saving the Planet “machine” rolls ahead

Man, George Carlin was way ahead of his time. He was calling out the global warming alarmists over two decades ago – as seen in this 1992 clip called “saving the planet.” Hilarious and true as gold today more than ever.

What is sad, though – is that while those “funny accident” videos (as much as I get a kick out of them too) have well over 100 million views on YouTube just a few months after launch, this video care barely muster up 700k views in over six years.

One suspicion I have, even though Carlin had lots of fans – I think his “base,” if you want to call it that is dwindling. It’s safe to say that this set probably ANGERS a lot more people nowadays compared to 22 years ago. Which most likely part of the reason for the decline in his popularity. Oh well! For those of you who still get it – enjoy this trip down memory lane!

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