Lost: Ladies Movado Watch


Since this lost and found section started, I think it’s batting .000, but I will not give up on it. There has to be some good karma somewhere in Hoboken.

Here’s another “yeah, like someone’s going to return this” entry today. Hoboken411 reader Jackie has this to say:

“I was hoping you could please ask your readers if anyone has found a silver Movado women’s watch. It has a black face, no numbers, and a silver bangle bracelet. This has a great deal of sentimental value. It was lost sometime in early December between 6th and Willow and 6th and Adams. I would really appreciate it if anyone has any information.”


hoboken-lost-maui-jim-sunglasses.jpgWhile we’re at it…

I dropped my pair of Maui Jim sunglasses over at Elysian Park a few weeks ago. The second pair I had (first one broke due to late-night clumsiness.. wink wink).

I asked one of the nice park guys if he saw them while cleaning up the leaves.. he said no.. Then a light-bulb popped up over his head, and he said that one of the local homeless guys “Mike” had what appeared to be a shiny new black pair of sunglasses on, fitting the description I gave him.

So if you see Mike with these sunglasses, please offer him some money or booze for them, and I’ll gladly re-imburse you! The sunglasses are worth about $150-160. I’ll have to bleach them overnight, but it’s still cheaper than buying a new pair.

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Hey, 411–Good luck in getting your Maui Jim’s back! I have a pair (yeah, they are pricey!) and always worry about losing them but they’re the best sunglasses I’ve ever had.