Best Vacuum for the Money?


For starters, I’d want to thank everyone for their feedback on their vacuum experiences. While this wasn’t specifically a Hoboken issue, it was nice to see the community share even common household tips!

Like I had mentioned a few days ago, I’m stubborn and truly enjoy Panasonic products. In doing my research, I settled for the MC-UL675 Aerospin model. Much to my surprise, Panasonic isn’t as mainstream as other very popular vacuums (such as Dyson, Hoover, Bissel, etc.) even though they sell millions of them worldwide each year. Because of the “below the radar” popularity level, I was able to snag this $249 list model for $100 bucks on eBay! Hooray!

What a solid, well-made piece of equipment this is! Right out of the box, the simplicity was evident. Nothing to put together. Just pop the hose on, slide the handle in, and it’s ready to use.

Besides the aesthetics and intelligent design (it’s so logically built), the machine works amazingly. Quiet, not too heavy, and rolls very smoothly.


Read the rest of my (way too happy) observations after the jump.

(Panasonic love-fest continued…)

Here are some of the features:

A dirt sensor.. is red when it’s still picking up dirt, and turns green once no more debris is being pulled in.

Excellent hose, and design.. has a very long hose (I think over 16 feet), and it nicely snaps into the curved hose-tray afterward.

Anti-static dust bin… The dog hair didn’t get stuck inside.. was easy to dispense the dirt into the garbage.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this machine! Don’t say I ever steered you in the wrong direction!

1/11/2008 S.O.S.:

Has shopping for something ever stumped you?

hoboken-vacuums.jpgI’m normally very good at drilling down and finding the best product at the best value. From computers, electronics, clothing, accessories and so on. Using reviews, industry journals, peer discussions and other methods, I rarely flip-flop when it comes down to choosing what I feel is the perfect item for me, and where to buy it.

I know this isn’t really a Hoboken topic, but vacuums are KILLING me, and I need your help! Please!

I had a decent older model Panasonic bagless model that recently broke (for the second time.) I’m done with this model for the time being, because since I got Oscar, my problems with pet hair requires that I step up to a newer and more advanced model. I’ve ordered some parts for this, and will fix it again and give to my father instead.

Ever since Dyson “revolutionized” the vacuum industry with their hi-tech and grossly over-priced line of sucking devices, the market has become flooded with copy-cat models.

Normally, when researching an item online, a savvy shopper can usually pick up on what is truly a clear winning product. After checking out all the vacuums available today, it’s clear to me that all vacuums are both the best and worst vacuums in the world. So many reviews for each and every model from housewives across the country it’s mind-numbing.

Here’s my criteria:

  • Excellent and consistent sucking power
  • Works on both carpeted surfaces and bare floors (I have three 8×10 area rugs, the rest is hardwood)
  • Reliable
  • $200/under

I’ve been looking at various Bissel and Hoover models, but cannot determine the read difference between them.

I have to say, I cheaped out when I bought my last Panasonic. At the time, many reviewers said it rivaled the Dyson, even exceeding the suction performance. I found a factory-reconditioned model for under $100 (was normally around $300) and it worked beautifully, until an ex-girlfriend was using it one day and her sloppy handling caused the belt to melt off. Bitch! It’s been acting funny ever since.

After all the searching, I’m leaning towards this new Panasonic model (Panasonic is one of my favorite consumer electronic companies.. from plasma TVs, to cameras..), the MC-UL675 (no one seems to review Panasonic models online, despite having sold over 100 million vacuums in 2006.) It’s $199 at Amazon (free shipping) or $179 at Best Buy ($30+ shipping), but no local Best Buy stocks it. Check the video out on this page.. what do you think?

Anyone have any non-Dyson recommendations in my criteria range? With Pets? And combo rug/hardwood surfaces?

Thank you all for your help.

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ron mexico
ron mexico

I think your review jacked up demand…I can’t find for under $200 shipped.

ron mexico
ron mexico

H411 – you still happy with this vac?


I know this entry is coming in late, apologies. Here’s my recommendation:
The Eureka Cordless Quick Up vacuum, $30 at Target:

I’ve had so many vacs, even had a cumbersome LOUD $400 Oreck, (overhyped marketing for a below-avg vac) Mr. Oreck, smiling face and all, robbed me, hah!

Only drawback to the Eureka cordless is that its suction power only lasts about 4 months. But, for under $100 a year for a lightweight cordless that’s gets under everything and easily goes up and down stairs, this is my choice and I highly recommend it.

strand tramp
strand tramp

the best working vacs are the ones that are used frequently. in this town, especially in winter when heavy coats and sweaters are worn, the amounts of dust and lint that accumulate are incredible. i have to empty the vac every time i run it thru the whole place each week. where does all that crap come from?