Hoboken Huddle

Fall of the Roman Empire in Hoboken, NJ {Or Super Bowl 10?}

Well it’s over. From what I heard, the Super Bowl was so boring, that the “Huddle” in Hoboken might have actually been better!

You can call the scenes down at Pier A Park – “Fall of the Roman Empire.” But I’m sure the actual fall of the real Roman Empire was just a tad more dramatic.

Hey – here’s an idea. Save the wood! Just add ONE more X – and Hoboken can feature “Porn Under the Stars” this summer. If anything will attract crowds, that certainly will. Maybe not the best crowd, but still.

(And this didn’t violate our promise to never show pics of the XLVIII, since it was just an “X!”)

Hoboken Huddle set up

1/29/2014 Update:

OK. Here’s what we have going on at Pier A Park for the Hoboken Huddle.

Heavy “media” coverage for the “wood shop project:”

NYC Media covers Hoboken Huddle Wood Shop Project numerals - Hoboken Huddle

Gotta give them props for using LED lights (we love LED lamp!) The colors go back and forth between Seattle and Denver themes. This is discriminatory against the color blind, however…

Hoboken Huddle Numerals Pier A Park Seattle Denver - Hoboken Huddle

Curling is an Olympic event. This here is a Super Bowl event. Doesn’t take much to “entertain” people these days, I suppose… as long as they have material for their Facebook updates.

Hoboken Huddle Curling Pier A park - Hoboken Huddle

And why did Westfield have to donate their “emergency” Winnebago anyway?

Westfield Police donate emergency trailer to Hoboken NJ Super Bowl event - Hoboken Huddle

And if you get hungry – there’s a pizza truck that sells miniature pies for the introductory price of only $10. You’d probably get more full eating the money.

Have fun out there (and save up your sick days just in case you stay too long.)

Hoboken Huddle Super Bowl Roman Numerals

1/27/2014 Update:

I finally figured out these Hoboken Huddle Super Bowl roman numerals down at Pier A Park. Surprised it took me this long!

Since this week-long event was planned, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out the draw of sitting outside, looking at these roman numerals in the freezing cold to celebrate some game with teams that aren’t even from around here. But then it dawned on me – I’m not the “target market” for this kind of thing (you know, the group that thinks, understands, follows their own path, etc.) Nope. This is for the same type of people that line up for hours to take pictures in front of the Cake Boss.


Hoboken huddle super bowl roman numerals XLVIII NJ - Hoboken Huddle

Hoboken Huddle Super Bowl Roman Numerals {yawn}

1/21/2014 Update:

There was “progress” yesterday on the “Hoboken Huddle” roman numerals the city is building down at Pier A Park. I still can’t believe that people are taking cutout symbols of a “bread & circus” game seriously. Don’t you think it’s insanely hokey?

Anyway, wonder if our Winter Storm today and frigid weather will hamper their efforts to have the dopey thing complete by this Monday.

Additionally – those NJ State Police boats you see patrolling the Hudson are part of a security detail because both Super Bowl teams, Denver and Seattle will be staying in hotels in downtown Jersey City by the waterfront.

For what it’s worth:

Hoboken Huddle – Talk about “riding the coattails…”

1/7/2014 Update:

For the first time – the NFL is holding the “big” Super Bowl game over at Met Life Stadium, home to our (non-playoff bound) New York Jets and New York Giants. In fact, no local teams will be representing this year – as the Eagles bowed out early once again this past weekend.

As always with the “big game,” everyone under the sun is trying to capitalize on it.

But this is why I don’t think the Super Bowl will ever be held in a (non-domed) cold weather city again.

You see – when the Super Bowl was held in warmer climates (like Miami, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Diego, etc.), many fans who bought tickets – also turned it into a destination vacation. Things to do, sights to see, and relaxing by the beach in the comfortable warm weather. And with the exception of a ski resort – COLD weather vacations are significantly less popular – even for “great” cities like NYC.

Hoboken Huddle Super Bowl Pier A Park - Hoboken Huddle

Week long Hoboken Huddle planned at Pier A Park – silly?

So when I saw this great idea that our city will be hosting this week-long “Hoboken Huddle” down at Pier A Park. In the middle of the winter. Outside. I had a perfectly normal reaction: WTF?

From January 27 to February 2 – “Activities, food and entertainment.” Outside. On the pier. In the middle of the winter.

The “centerpiece”: 16 foot tall roman numerals. Suck me sideways! Amazing!

The reason tourists should come to Hoboken? Here’s what Mayor Zimmer said: “You can get an iconic photo only available on the Jersey side of the river!” Really, Dawn? What about Met Life Stadium? Or the Super Bowl itself? Some roman numerals? Wow!

The nail in the coffin What takes the cake here is that for this NFL Football event, the featured activity at Pier A Park will be three lanes of CURLING. Curling is a game that originated in Europe (Scotland), and has nothing to do with football whatsoever, and 99.9% of America never heard of it. That’s a sure-fire way to bring people to Hoboken IN DROVES!

Hoboken Huddle Roman Numerals Super Bowl Pier A Park - Hoboken Huddle

How many “tourists” will there be? Does it warrant a week long event?

Like I said above, many people made southern Super Bowls an actual vacation. How many are taking a week off to come over to the NYC area? How many of the 80,000+ tickets were sold locally?

If anything – the “tourists” will most likely be traveling to New York City, with a very small percentage ravaging our city for an entire week prior to the game.

However, with or without this “huddle,” Hoboken, will be PACKED on Super Bowl Sunday (like it is every year), because of the house-parties and local bars.

Scott Katz “pet project” due to favoritism?

We heard that Scott Katz, who spearheaded this brilliant idea, sort of has a “fast track” from the inside.

Unless they can build a giant heated dome – along with A-list players and other kind of celebrity attractions. I’m not so sure “Curling in the Cold” will be attracting many people. At least not for long.

But in the end, I guess football has truly consumed the attention span of the country – as last weekend’s Eagles playoff game was seen by over 30 million people. That’s like 10% of the population! So perhaps there are enough brain-dead zombies that will see this wacky event as something fun to do. To the rest of us, it’s just a spectacle. Thank God it won’t happen again for the foreseeable future.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014 12:12 pm

Great. Now Hoboken will be a hot spot for human sex trafficking.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014 10:29 am

What would compel anyone to visit this attraction? The desperation is almost embarrassing.

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