Hoboken Week in Review: 1/5/2014

Hoboken Week in Review – January 5, 2014

All the “major” holidays are over now, folks. Back to reality!

Hoboken Week in Review January 5 2014 NJ Hoboken411 - Hoboken Week in Review: 1/5/2014

Here’s a selection of noteworthy posts for the week ending Sunday, January 5, 2014:

Politics and City Happenings

  • Hoboken SnowPretty standard in my book. But the rest of the world was in a state of “panic.” Hercules is probably very embarrassed.
  • Hoboken Stroller BlockageWhen mainstream news media also picks up on our stories – it’s a big deal!
  • Breaking & Entering – by the City of Hoboken!Illegally towing cars and re-writing “rules” to suit themselves. Where are the protests?
  • Hit & RunA wily delivery driver drives away after dinging a car. Little does he know when have him on FILM!

Updates & Events

Wake-up Quote of the Week:

Aldous Huxley Solitude Quote - Hoboken Week in Review: 1/5/2014

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Sunday, January 5, 2014 1:36 pm

– Snowfall standard; using National Guard size trucks to remove? like killing a fly with a machine gun.

– Stroller Moms claim rights based on ethics of me! me! me! ; Public Law? the sidewalk is for the public which law demands be a right of way passage.

– Illegal ticket for one individual – not my problem ; pattern of padding the revenue ? – criminal! (get ready for more phony tickets with Hoboken’s loss of a racial discrimination lawsuit of $1.300.000 . Apparently, the jury did not buy Zimmer’s song and dance.)

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