Hoboken Fender Bender Witness

Don’t flee! Hoboken Fender Bender Witness captures photos

I guess some people in Hoboken don’t realize that practically everyone has a camera on their mobile phone these days. And you should do the right thing if you commit a “wrong.” One SUV operator was captured by a restaurant patron when he damaged a parked car – and proceeded to drive away. Snap, snap!

Hoboken Fender Bender Witness SUV

Special Hoboken Delivery: SUV damages parked car

“So the other day I was sitting in O’nieal’s Bar and watched an SUV back right on top of a smaller car. The alarm on the car started going off… but then turned off. The driver of the SUV sat on a stoop next to the car, so I figured he was waiting for the owner to let the person know what happened. But it turned out he was making some sort of delivery. He then hopped in the SUV and drove off.”

From the looks of the photo, the driver was an Asian male, probably making a food delivery. He struck a silver Toyota NJ license plate NYN-35T.

The offending SUV was a white Mercury Mountaineer, NJ license plate T62-CTU in case the owner wants to file a report.

Hoboken Fender Bender Witness SUV takes off after hitting parked car

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