What are YOUR holidays?

Think about it – What are YOUR holidays really?

Now that the end of year holiday season is long over, here’s some food for thought. Ever since you were a kid – you’ve had annual “holidays.” Whether they’re religious (Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, etc.), or country-specific (Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc.) – but how many of you really think about these yearly traditions, where they come from and exactly why you celebrate them. And how many are genuinely yours besides your birthdays? What are your holidays?

The more I ponder these crazed rituals – the more I’d like to back away from them.

You see – most people don’t bother thinking about it. Because they were done when they were kids, their parents were kids, and so on. “It’s just the way it is,” most of you would say. Or “it’s a tradition – why change?”

Work Consume Buy Die

Holidays and rituals – Cui Bono?

Big holidays – like Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July have similarities. Most people with jobs have the day(s) off. Great! We have something in common!

But don’t you find it interesting that for each of these so-called holidays, that all of us also engage in similar activities? We spend money.

Holiday ConsumerismWhether it is crazy “obligatory” shopping for useless trinkets at Xmas, or stuffing our gullets at Thanksgiving, or drinking ourselves into stupors on New Years and July 4th – the common thread with all these major holidays is spending money. Liquor stores, retail outlets, food distributors. Additionally, governments of all sizes also rake in big bucks with related offenses (booze, driving violations, shoplifting arrests).

The holidays – if you blindly follow them, may bring superficial joy to you – and you might very well escape unharmed, but very large industries benefit (and often depend on) each of these holidays.

Imagine if the body collective “opted out” of one or more of these traditions? What would happen to the world?

How bad is “business” if most retail shops RELY on the holidays in order to make it into the black each year?

There has to be a better way.

Have you begun “opting out” of most major holidays?

This got me thinking. I’m witnessing more and more people I know address holidays like Christmas, for instance – quite differently. They are truly “opting out” of the shopping frenzy.

  • They already have the capability of buying what they want or need themselves
  • They don’t want to be bothered with mall psychos (and mall murderers)
  • They also feel that the benefit of the unnecessary shopping only helps the elite businesses, and not one another.

Another aspect to the forced holidays – is that most people feel obligated to “celebrate” something they’re not necessarily “in tune” with. How many idiots are truly patriotic on July 4th? Or religious on Christmas? Or remember history during Thanksgiving? Hardly anyone!

It’s usually: Boozed up tools, family fights, major stress and growing debt that are the by-products of such holidays. Because NO ONE thinks about it – and no one realizes how almost ALL holidays have been hijacked by pure consumerism.

Worst holiday of them all?

Fuck ValentineOh – and I forgot Valentines Day. One of the ABSOLUTE WORST sham holidays in existence.

The amount of ego, envy and comparison that results from this bogus consumer holiday is just detrimental to whatever countries that “celebrate” it. I can imagine the number of relationships that dissolved as a result of this terrible day. Then again, perhaps a blessing in disguise to vet out those who’ve been wholly consumed by the mass-marketing media.

Love doesn’t need to be something that is put to the test every February 14th.

And according to Statistic Brain – over $13 billion dollars is spent each Valentines Day. And the sad think is that approximately 15% of women SEND THEMSELVES FLOWERS each year! Really? See what has become of our society? The “pressure” to fit in and be like everyone else?

Make your own holidays – for your own reasons

Obey Consume RepeatI’ve gotten into emotional disputes with many people in my past about this concept: We can make ANY day of the year special. It doesn’t have to be a holiday, anniversary or birthday to be significant.

Do what you want when you want!

Why does it have to be on the “same day” every year. What ever happened to impromptu fun & love? Or “just because?” Do people just follow the herd like lemmings because they’re incapable of thinking?

Why do we have to put price tags on things to validate our lives? Love, togetherness, dedication and loyalty are priceless, and rarely even need obligated exchange of material goods to justify.

The hardest part to buck the trend of all these force-fed holidays is getting everyone on the same page. I do not see that happening, because the marketing of each of these major holidays is so ingrained in every aspect of your life. Whether it’s TV, movies, media, magazines, billboards, advertising, websites – you almost CANNOT escape it.

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