Super last minute Christmas gifts

OMG! Super last minute Christmas gifts can save your tail

Oh jeez – you were so busy this Christmas season, that you still have some openings on your shopping list! Never fret – you can still order some super last minute Christmas gifts now and receive them before the 25th.

Here are some that will certainly be appreciated by someone on your list…

Mophie is way over-priced! Try PowerBot instead!

I’m always looking to cover my bases when it comes to keeping my phone charged. I had my eye on that Mophie battery pack / case for a while, but didn’t feel like spending the money. Well, here comes the PowerBot TNT case to the rescue. Only around $20 too.

Works just as well as a Mophie (2200mAh) and even comes with a little stand in case you’re one of those people that get pleasure watching movies on a tiny 4″ or 5″ screen.

A great thing about the Powerbot is, that it uses the same Apple cable instead of needing a separate USB charger.

Highly recommended and works as advertised.

PowerBot for iphone better than mophie alternative

Panasonic Tough Camera

Most people have “camera phones,” and many people have “high end DSLR” cameras. But there is a sweet spot in-between that provides you with great satisfaction. A budget camera that takes profoundly better pictures than ANY phone. My favorite at the moment is the Panasonic Lumix TS25 Tough Camera.

For just $109, this camera not only has a good lens, its dust-proof, waterproof and can take a beating. Plus it’s freeze-proof down to 14 degrees (perfect for the cold winter!)

It’s compact, you can toss it in your pocket or bag without “babying” it the way you would a more expensive model, and they even come in cute colors. Perfect for vacations (skiing, snorkeling, the beach or rain forest).

Great deal!

Panasonic Lumix Tough

Stolzle Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

Finally – while you’re sitting next to your toasty fireplace, you’ll surely want something to taste the new bottle of whiskey you got for Christmas, right?

Pick up a few of these Stolzle Glencairn Whiskey Glasses for under $12 each, and enjoy the lead-free crystal while capturing the aroma of that satisfying bourbon or whiskey.

You don’t have much time left, so get shopping!

Whiskey Glasses

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