Up & Out Blowout + Updo Bar

New: Up & Out Blowout + Updo Bar

UP & Out Blowout Bar Hoboken NJDisclaimer: I can do my hair literally in two seconds. For all occasions. Every single day. Without fuss.

Taking the place of the old Tux Shop at 4th & Bloomfield is Up & Out Blowout + Updo Bar. They open officially Saturday, December 21st at 9am.

I asked one of my friends, and this is apparently a big growing trend in NYC as well – a place for ladies to get their hair all “extra pretty” for a big night on the town. In fact we have a second one in the works over at 8th & Jefferson, too – “The Blowout Zone.”

Without being tainted by media, TV or other marketing trends, a logical person would say “OK, now girls need help with their hair besides haircuts? What next? Help with bathing and eating as well?” But if there is a market here – we wish them luck regardless!

Dunno ladies, it is your money…

Up & Out Blowout Updo Bar Hoboken NJ

Description: Blowout bar.
Address: 341 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)401-4119
Email: hello@upandout.co
Online: upandout.coFacebook

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Blowouts give the same feeling as getting your hair done but for less money. I would never do this, but I know some girls who don’t feel confident when going out unless they look like a magazine cover. Purely superficial. You know, your selfies have to be better than everyone else’s.