Hoboken Week in Review: 12/29/2013

Hoboken Week in Review – December 29, 2013

Hope everyone had a nice, relaxing, “incident free” holiday week. We sure did, with some fun travel, new pets and a few breathers from the daily grind.

Hoboken Week in Review December 29 2013 NJ Hoboken411

Here’s a selection of noteworthy posts for the week ending Sunday, December 29, 2013:

Politics and City Happenings

  • How did the Hoboken economy fare in 2013?By looking at the businesses – it seems we had a rare FLAT year. What will 2014 bring?
  • InfrastructureHoboken showing more frequent signs of “crumbling” this winter. Wonder if a “perfect storm” is on the horizon?
  • Holiday (parking) decorationsParking tickets give the city that warm fuzzy Christmas glow.

Updates & Events

Wake-up Quote of the Week:

Alan Watts better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spend in a miserable way

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