2013 Hoboken Business Year in Review

2013 Hoboken Business Year in Review: Flat

For the past few years, the street level storefronts that came and went in Hoboken didn’t seem to matter much overall, as we typically gained more new businesses than we lost during the calendar year.

It appears that for the first time since Hoboken411 began, we have a net loss in Hoboken businesses. At the very least, you can say that “growth” has been flat overall (owed in part to Hurricane Sandy in 2012).

And 2014 may be a whopper in terms of who financially survives and who doesn’t, but with all the new ground level retail space still on the horizon – and in upscale areas – at the very least we can expect to see some “big name” brands popping up (Apple Store, Trader Joe’s?)

Still, the approximate running tally since we’ve roughly been keeping track is about 120 net new businesses in Hoboken since 2007.

Want to see who came and left this year? Click here to see the 2013 list!

Hoboken Business Year in Review NJ 2013 - 2013 Hoboken Business Year in Review

How is retail shopping holding up in the digital world?

A combination of rising retail rents, horrific Hoboken parking, and incredible bargains online – you ever wonder how stores in Hoboken can even survive? Will they hold stronger now that Amazon must charge sales tax?

With the exception of unique, specialized products, and bare necessities (i.e., convenience) how would you manage to survive in this city?

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New Hoboken Businesses in 2013:

(in no particular order)

  1. SALON by Soon Dar Secrects
  2. Otto Strata
  3. Framing on Washington
  4. Hoboken Dhaba
  5. Mint Market
  6. Up & Out Blowout Bar
  7. Ohh La La Salon
  8. Apple Montessori School
  9. Rosticeria Da Gigi
  10. Style Boutique
  11. La Casetta Pizza
  12. Classic Harbor Lines
  13. Poor Cat Designs
  14. Cadillac Cantina
  15. The Pretty Kitty
  16. Studio L Dance Co.
  17. New Jersey Running Co.
  18. Cigar & Tobacco Warehouse
  19. Mod Cup
  20. Head Gear
  21. Bwe Kafe
  22. Just 4 Kids Hair Salon
  23. Zeni Day Spa
  24. Little Town NJ
  25. Giannone Wine & Liquor
  26. Anthropologie
  27. Roosters Men’s Grooming Center
  28. BOA Nightclub
  29. Mills Tavern
  30. Red Lion Coffee
  31. 16 Handles
  32. Paris Spa Skin Care
  33. Stewed Cow Saloon
  34. Baby Gap
  35. The Factory Boutique
  36. Empire Auto Leasing
  37. Red Mango
  38. Puck Fine Jewelry
  39. Nail Atelier
  40. Midtown Philly Steaks
  41. UPS Store
  42. Style Square
  43. Fresh U Grill
  44. Nourishing Wisdom
  45. A’Putia Italian Cafe
  46. Total Coverage Insurance
  47. DJK Residential
  48. Smart Choice Realty
  49. AHS Urgent Care
  50. Math Wizard
  51. Fitness Meets Dance
  52. Finnegan’s
  53. PhoNomenon Noodle & Grill

Announced or Coming to Hoboken in 2014:

  1. Bare Burger
  2. K9dergarten
  3. Slider Shack
  4. Verde Vita
  5. McLoone’s
  6. La Brasserie
  7. Tony Boloney’s
  8. Prime Time Convenience (uptown)
  9. Cork Wine
  10. Stingray Lounge
  11. Blowout Zone
  12. Boardwalk Burgers
  13. Keller Williams
  14. Hudson River Crossfit
  15. Kiddie Academy
  16. Smoke and Barrel

Hoboken businesses closed in 2013:

  1. Philly’s Cheesesteaks
  2. Filippo’s Pizza
  3. J&D Provisions
  4. Vera’s Florist
  5. Tutta Pasta
  6. Hudson Athletic Center
  7. Adams Dry Cleaner
  8. Studio Z Salon (uptown)
  9. Hummus Bar
  10. Cartridge World
  11. The Tux Shop
  12. Burlington Coat Factory
  13. Second Time Around
  14. Cream & Sugar Cafe
  15. Oddfellow’s
  16. Vagabondia Vintage (popup)
  17. Famous Pizza
  18. Carrera Salon
  19. Tiny Paws Powder Puff
  20. Hoboken on Rye
  21. Mon Cheri Frozen Yogurt
  22. Aroma Chinese
  23. Jo’s Diner
  24. Eyebrow Place
  25. River West Plumbing
  26. Windmill Hot Dogs
  27. Backyards Bistro
  28. La Femme Spa
  29. Chicken Galore
  30. Koa Koa Frozen Yogurt
  31. Sprint Wireless
  32. Maxwell’s (I consider them gone)
  33. Energy Kitchen
  34. Your Bridge 2 Cuba
  35. Do Ewe Knit?
  36. Aroma Chinese
  37. Park & Sixth convenience
  38. Navarra Nails
  39. Diana’s Cafe
  40. India on the Hudson
  41. Schnackenberg’s
  42. 1907 Yankee Ferry
  43. Piri Piri Portuguese BBQ
  44. Mike’s Unfinished Furniture
  45. Chock Full O’ Nuts
  46. Park on Park
  47. Spa H
  48. Club H Fitness (Chapter 11)
  49. LUA
  50. Uptown Liquor
  51. Hoboken Cottage
  52. Solares Salon
  53. Spina Auto Body
  54. Ray’s Dry Cleaner
  55. Rogo’s

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Friday, December 27, 2013 11:22 am

Good riddance to Rogo’s. Worst owner/manager of any bar/restaurant I’ve ever been to.
No wonder their business failed.

Reply to  homeworld
Saturday, December 28, 2013 9:36 am

did it fail or did they just cash out? had a long run vs. many. Finnegan’s seems to get a good crowd, the place looks nice.[quote comment=”222258″]Good riddance to Rogo’s. Worst owner/manager of any bar/restaurant I’ve ever been to. No wonder their business failed.[/quote]

Thursday, December 26, 2013 7:54 pm

Next year will be worse. Much worse. We have a dead pool going already. Ladies will have fewer boutiques to choose from that is for sure.

Thursday, December 26, 2013 7:09 pm

We visit friends in Hoboken from time to time, and bust their chops about how bland your main street is. It lacks so much diversity and character. We actually like main drags in poorer cities like north bergen better. Tastier food choices on top of it. Maybe people in Hoboken are content with average.

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