German Beer for $5 dollars

Helmers’ offers German Beer for $5 dollars in Hoboken, NJ

Gotta love this – You can get German Beer for $5 dollars every Thursday over at Helmers’ at 11th & Washington.

Not sure how long any of you have been in Hoboken (or alive for that matter), but I recall the days of bottled Corona’s for just $2, and pints of Guinness for just $3 (regular price – not a happy hour special either). So to have a special of German beer suds for $5 kind of puts things into perspective to see how far we’ve fallen (monetarily).

Either way (today) this is a great deal. A couple pints and you’re stumbling home (and likely a good candidate for the next “pedestrian struck by car” entry on the police blotter).

Helmers German Beer for 5 dollars in Hoboken NJ - German Beer for $5 dollars

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