Margherita’s – 20 years of Italian Goodness

Margherita’s celebrates 20 years in Hoboken, NJ

It always brings a smile to our faces when we see signs like this in Hoboken, where an “old school” business proudly proclaims gratitude for their longevity. Margherita’s (8th & Washington) is in their 20th year here in town – and we are thrilled!

Because despite all the not-small-business-friendly nonsense that comes out of city hall here, honestly good businesses survive and thrive nonetheless. We’ll get our just desserts one day, for sure!

Congrats on two decades, Margherita’s!

Margherita's Hoboken NJ 20 years

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Margherita’s food is excellent and their space is small enough to be intimate and stay packed all the time. Congratulations, Margherita’s! Keep up the excellent work!