Mr. B’s Fun Foods Deep Fried Peanuts

Mr. B’s Fun Foods Deep Fried Peanuts – tasty and great gift idea

Was at Super Buy Rite Liquors over in Jersey City the other day (they have the best prices on Bota Box wine! Just $18) and while checking out – I noticed these Mr. B’s Fun Foods Deep Fried Peanuts.

They had a lot of flavors, like salt & vinegar, garlic, hot pepper and more. They cost around $4 per bag. I picked up a few to “taste.”

The concept is you eat the entire peanut – shell and all! For you fiber lovers, this is a dream come true.

How did they taste? Amazing! And fun to eat as well (very filling after just a couple). Our top pick was the hot pepper flavor. Nice kick, but not mouth-burning.

These make great mini-gifts for the foodie on your list, or someone who enjoys trying new things.

Note: If you really love them – you can buy directly from Mr. B’s for just $1.95 per bag. Just be sure to buy a couple cases to negate the shipping cost of around $15 bucks. They have other treats like popcorn ($0.95 per bag) and Peanut Brittle, too. See for more! Too bad you can’t get these in Hoboken….

Mr B's Fun Foods Deep Fried Peanuts

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