Bad drivers in Hoboken

Is it that hard to drive in straight lines in Hoboken?

Whenever I’m driving around Hoboken, or anywhere in NJ – I’ve been noticing a growing trend of “bad drivers.”

Bad drivers can range from those who don’t pay attention (using phone) to others who are fearful or apprehensive about where they will go next. Then, there are those who are just all-around “clueless” about logical things around them. Like driving conditions or objects in or near their path.

Take this driver who drove over a curb and slammed into a building at 7th & Garden Streets yesterday. They definitely did something wrong, because if you drove properly in “slippery” situations, there is no way this could have happened. Then of course, there are those that just drive drunk and flip their cars because they’re completely out of control.

The qualifications to earn the “privilege” of driving a motor vehicle really should be upgraded. Maybe that would solve the parking problem in Hoboken if 80% of the people had their licenses revoked.

Bad driver in Hoboken NJ crashes car at 7th Garden - Bad drivers in Hoboken

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