Baby Strollers gone viral!

Strollers gone viral in Hoboken, NJ {everywhere}

We already know that strollers and their “attachments” (like entitled parents and clueless nannies) already occupy bars, restaurants, and sidewalks. But we’ve reached the tipping point: Baby Strollers gone viral!

Like a rampant bacterial infection that tramples everything not strong enough to defend themselves, strollers will continue “invading” places they are simply NOT SUPPOSED TO BE.

Take this friggin’ bike rack for instance. Why in God’s name are baby strollers there? Are they made of solid gold and require Fort Knox style security?

Now this is interesting, because bicyclists and stroller-pushers are sort of on the same kind of team. Perhaps the in-fighting will weaken them overall, who knows. Maybe a blessing in disguise?

Hoboken Baby Strollers gone viral infecting bike racks

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013 11:52 am

I would assume that you would prefer the strollers locked up outside, and not clogging the aisles of the restaurants and coffee shops!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 5:25 pm

(Better there than on the sidewalks!) Based on the junk bikes parked in those racks, the bike owners are not on the same team as the stroller moms. The strollers are more valuable than the bikes that park there, generally. One might even argue that a stroller does more to keep a car off the road than a bike does–at least in Hoboken. In town, bike racks and lanes have a balancing effect–people (workers) of a lower socio-economic level have an improved opportunity to share public resources (roads) that are generally prioritized for wealthier people. To me, they are mainly a nuisance, but I can see the social value.

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