Best Hoboken Xmas Decorations

What are some of the best Hoboken Xmas decorations?

Christmas decorations can be handled many ways. You can go all out, be a bare minimalist – or land somewhere in between. As we’ve been walking around Hoboken, we decided to pick our (current) favorites. So for the moment the best Hoboken Xmas decorations (for businesses) are:

W. Kodak Jewelers

What we liked about the window display at W. Kodak Jewelers over on Newark St. downtown, was their classy, clean layout. They went rather light on the props, and the strong contrast gave the storefront a upscale look without coming close to looking gaudy or over-the-top. It also helped that the facade of the building was already green! They’d fit right in at a place like Short Hills Mall!

W Kodak Hoboken NJ Christmas Window

Madison Bar & Grill

Every bar in town has Xmas decorations up. But Madison Bar takes the prize at the moment, because they have huge responsibility being at a highly visible corner location at one of the main entrances of town. First impressions count, right?

That said, they didn’t botch their opportunity, and dolled up the windows and railings with just the right amount of lights and decorations to make it bright and cheery, without being overwhelming or cheesy. A home run if you ask us! They do it right every year, in fact!

Madison Bar Christmas in Hoboken NJ

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