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Hoboken411.com is:

  • By far, Hoboken’s most trafficked website. Updated DAILY with reviews, opinion and commentary from editorial staff and guest writers covering local businesses, politics, crime, social life and most topics related to Hoboken
  • A fully searchable directory of most known Hoboken businesses, including photos and contact information
  • The Hoboken visuals are now over 2800 5000 7,500 50,000 pictures strong
  • A place for people to share and comment on their experiences
  • A blog, but a very robust blog.
  • Always open for suggestions, tips and contributions!


Hoboken411 originally launched in April 2006 as an area business review portal to provide information about good and bad businesses. The scope has since expanded considerably; Topics now include reports about the local social scene, politics, news, and pertinent Hoboken observations.

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Daily updates of articles appearing in reverse chronological order, from top to bottom. The last 10 articles appear on the front page, you can read each previous 14 articles by clicking the “older entries” link near the very bottom of the page. Additionally, you can read the previous 100 articles by clicking the corresponding link on the left sidebar. Between 140-150 new articles are published monthly.

Open commenting
comments.gifEach article gives the users loosely-moderated freedom to offer their opinions or ask further questions to the author or fellow readers. You must register to the website in order to comment. Based on recent trend analysis, Hoboken411 receives over 70,000 user comments on an annual basis.

ratings.gifMost businesses and restaurants have a star rating system. This allows readers to quickly express their feelings about a particular entity by rating it from 1-star (dissatisfied) to 5-stars (very satisfied). This unscientific polling method offers a quick snapshot as to what the public consensus of a business is. There is also a list of the Top 100 rated places in Hoboken. Note that this is not weighted in any particular way, meaning even if a place got one 5-star vote, it will be near the top. Use your own judgment when analyzing the data.

hobokendirectory.gifIf you’re already up to date on all recent articles, Hoboken411 is still very useful for finding addresses, phone number and historical discussions about the businesses in Hoboken. On the left sidebar is a categorized list of plethora of operations in town.

categories.gifAdditionally, the category list also includes sections where you can read particular grouped (or “tagged”) articles, such as doomed businesses, news about the town government, recent incidents, as well as list of BYOB restaurants and more!

Week in Review
weekinreview.gifEach Sunday, a condensed version of Hoboken411 is published. This highlights the more noteworthy articles posted and discussed on the site. A good way for people to catch up if they’ve been busy, or refresh their memory as to what was covered. This is also linked on the right sidebar if you want to read all previous Week in Review capsules.

Incident Map
incident-map.gifHoboken411.com provides the only interactive town incident map in Hudson County, NJ. A mashup of the sites RSS feeds using a Yahoo! Maps API and Geo-tagging, up to 50 recent crimes, fires and other incidents such as street fights, vandalism and vehicular accidents are plotted in reverse chronological order on the map. Data is acquired via public radio communications, witness recounts, newspaper articles, police reports and personal experience. These incidents are frequently added within minutes of the events occurrence.

Classified Ads
classified.gifAgain, there are many other avenues to sell your products or services (such as eBay, Craigslist, and others), this feature was also included as an added feature on Hoboken411. The hope is to centralize many elements to prevent unnecessary switching back and forth to various Hoboken-related sites.

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