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grimaldi's pizza Hoboken NJ closing

Grimaldi’s Coal Brick Oven {closes}

Grimaldi’s closes Clinton Street Pizza Restaurant Little by little, “Old Hoboken” is going by the wayside (much to “mayor” don Zimmer’s delight). Grimaldi’s on 2nd & Clinton is done as of 8/31. Remaining is...

Halifax Hoboken Zylo W Hotel

Halifax (fka Zylo) at the W Hotel

Halifax (formerly Zlyo) coming soon to W Hotel Hoboken It appears that the Zylo owners are re-branding to a new look: Halifax. Maybe DelFrisco’s down the block utterly destroyed the “steakhouse” image that Zylo...

American Apparel Hoboken NJ for rent

American Apparel {bye bye}

American Apparel bids farewell from Hoboken {now for rent} The American Apparel retail location at 80 Hudson Street is currently looking for tenants to lease the space. The “Made in the USA” brand has...