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Domino’s dominates illegal parking

Hoboken illegal parking champ: Domino’s Pizza

Hoboken411 reader Scott noticed how Domino’s Pizza downtown “must be making a killing,” due to the number of illegally parked delivery cars they had (five).

Poor Hoboken bike lanes were blocked too, but curiously, even the hard-core bikers in town must be afraid of the rain – because no one was using them.

Funny thing is that this is just a block from Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s house – and considering she’s a huge proponent of said bike lanes, you would think that this racket would be shut down ASAP.

Unless, of course, she has an under-the-table deal for “free pizza for your silence…?”

Curb writing in Hoboken

In Hoboken, maybe we need to explain curbs in writing?

I’ll tell ya – I stumbled upon something interesting recently.

When colors don’t do the trick – why not words?

For one, I noticed some writing on a corner of Washington Street that said “Not a spot.”

My initial thoughts were, “Cool! Instead of confusing fruity yellow, blue and red curbs, why not just put it in plain English that you can’t park here?”

Then I realized as I saw other markings – that it was vendor info for this weekend’s Hoboken Fall Arts & Music Festival. Drat.

But I think this may work – as I spotted another curb marking on Park Ave. – indicting (in plain English) “The curb is here (arrow.)” Maybe this will help stupid parking on the sidewalk tickets?

Who wants to start a petition for written curb advisories?

Hertz corner antics continue…

Hertz on Demand car sharing in Hoboken has issues

Taking street parking away from residents for Hertz on Demand (a for-profit corporation) has definitely seen it’s share of complaints from residents. Parking has not gotten easier in Hoboken (except on major holidays at around 4:15am in the pouring rain), and no matter how fool-proof anyone thinks this “plan” is – someone always finds a way to botch it.

Like this nimrod who parked the Hertz on Demand toy-car close to the intersection here at 11th and Hudson – scraping against a bollard and endangering pedestrians.

I still think they should figure out a way to give these parking spots back to car-owning residents – and put the Hertz cars in private garages somewhere. People have to stop getting spoiled because these rental cars are just a block or two from their apartments (walking does a body good), and the local government ought to stay out of private enterprise.

Oh – the car was parked all day yesterday without a ticket – but received a summons today.

Red curb privileged parking?

Hoboken red curbs overlooked on purpose?

Supposedly those red curbs that are supposed to be forbidden zones here in Hoboken get overlooked.

Hoboken411 reader Mike spotted one vehicle parked for eons with a ticket. Makes you wonder if this SUV is “connected” at City Hall.

“Just wanted to send in this picture of a “No Tolerance!” Red-Zone offender that was parked on SE corner of 4th & Madison Street overnight, with no visible ticket or booting apparent when I was leaving for work the following morning. Completely in the Red, was there at 11pm, and still there today 7am. So who’s not doing their job, or whom is ever so privileged to get away with this nonsense.

Hopefully this will raise some questions and concerns of yet “Another Wonderful Hoboken Decision That Works!”

Privileged parking for some

Letter: Car with NY plates never gets ticketed in Hoboken

One Hoboken411 reader who requested anonymity sent this photo in and wonders why it never gets ticketed. I guess it depends on who you know?

“This car parks almost exclusively on the two corners at 11 and Garden both of which are mark as RED zones. It never gets a ticket. Why? Because there is a NYC police placard on the dashboard. Why doesn’t the HPU ticket this car? This isn’t NYC last time I checked.”

Desperate parkers in Hoboken?

Hoboken drivers resorting to phony parking “permits?”

Spotted this unusual situation uptown the other day – some odd looking parking permit in the windshield of this black Mercedes.

It reads: “Temporary Approved Parking – For Residents Only. If you don’t have this sign in your window you are illegally parked and your car will be towed at your own expense.”

It has no indication of any “jurisdiction” and I highly doubt it holds any weight here in Hoboken. But who would go through this trouble?