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Trees got butchered in Hoboken. Why?

Can you guess why some trees got butchered in Hoboken?

Doesn’t matter if you’re a tree-hugging activist, or just an ordinary easy-go-lucky metro-citizen. Seeing trees get destroyed for no good reason should bother you. Care to wonder why some trees got butchered in Hoboken recently?

trees butchered in hoboken nj on Adams street for parking meter

Killing mother nature for more Hoboken parking robots!

Yep. “Clearing the way” for more “automated pickpocketing systems” (parking meters, or “robotic thieves” or whatever you want to call them. And this street had NO parking meters before!

parking meters on adams street after trees butchered

It’s becoming so painfully obvious that you can’t even walk a block anymore without money vanishing from your purse strings. And to top it all off – after all this “revenue” (thievery) gets funneled into city coffers, we have more roads than ever that are worse that rocky hiking paths. What the F are they doing?

Are they making it easier or harder for small businesses to survive?

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HPU Hypocrisy of the Day – 11/5/2014

Hoboken HPU Hypocrisy of the Day – November 5, 2014

Continuing the “HPU Hypocrisy of the Day” category….

What’s the point of parking laws if Hoboken breaks them? Here’s a dopey scooter cart parked in the yellow uptown for half an hour – no driver present.

And it doesn’t matter whether this was an HPU vehicle or not – it is still a vehicle that parks illegally without repercussions. You’d get robbed.

HPU Hypocrisy again in Hoboken NJ

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Miracle Parking Job

Hard to believe, but true: Miracle Parking Job in Hoboken

Wow, I did a double-take the other day when I noticed this pickup truck parked near the Hoboken High School. A true miracle parking job that’s for sure.

At first glance at this “legally” parked vehicle, I thought it had to be some kind of private business. But no! It was a Hoboken Board of Education vehicle. Not double parked, not parked on the red curb – but pretty much where cars are supposed to park.

While it’s crappy that a city vehicle took a space away from a resident who may have been able to use it – it is still astounding to witness this rare event (sort of like a blue moon).

Miracle Parking Job Hoboken NJ board of education

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Boot = Theft

Parking boots in Hoboken have to stop!

So much for the city stopping the tyrannical process of STEALING your property and holding it ransom. Take a look at this recently booted car.

Hoboken parking boot hell

Booting with Hoboken residential stickers (and no temp tags!)

What’s worse about this particular boot – is that the person had a residential parking sticker too. That means they’ve previously voluntarily gave the city money for this stupid “privilege” of parking on the street.

Couldn’t they call the resident? Why literally STEAL hundreds of dollars?

Oh, and even if the sticker was “expired,” the resident wouldn’t have been able to buy one of those “scratch off” hang tags eitherbecause the city of Hoboken RAN OUT of them. How do you run out of hang tags? How are people going to park “temporarily?”

Our guess is that they don’t have a sufficient “inventory system” and someone was helping themselves to many of them. Wonder who it was?

Hoboken parking boot hell with residential stickers

HPU forgot something

What exactly did the HPU forget in Hoboken?

The majority of Hoboken residents and visitors have no respect for the HPU (Hoboken Parking “Utility”), because of their outright theft of monies that could easily go towards the local business economy, as well as the total hypocrisy they demonstrate on a daily basis.

But I took a look at one of their money vans the other day, and realized they left some crucial words off the back of their vehicles!

Don’t the administration puppets always brag about their so-called “transparency?” Whatever.

TIP: If you’re coming to Hoboken this weekend, park in a garage. At least your money stays OUT of city coffers, and you’ll be spared a boot, a ticket and a shitload of hassle.

HPU Money Van Robs residents and visitors in Hoboken NJ

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HPU Hypocrisy of the Day – 9/8/2014

Hoboken HPU Hypocrisy of the Day – September 8, 2014

Continuing the “HPU Hypocrisy of the Day” category….

Reader Michael spotted this common occurrence near 3rd & Adams. A city vehicle not only double parked while they tended to personal business – but also blocking that moronic bike lane.

“Small yet classic example of the abuse of power committed every day by Hoboken Municipal workers…”

HPU Hypocrisy double parked bike lane Hoboken NJ

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